rediscovering an oldie

gap dress, mulberry bayswater bag, esdesigns necklace, skagen watch, matt bernson sandals

today i pulled out a paisley printed cotton Gap dress that i hadn't worn in several years (the only Gap item that has survived many closet purges). in the past few years, i had slowly gotten rid of various pieces that i purchased when i was younger and replaced them with 'upgrades' - similar items that were made with better materials and fit better. sometimes, though, i got in the habit of upgrading just for the sake of upgrading. thankfully, i held on to this dress, which was something like $30 on sale.

as soon as i put it on, i promptly fell back in love with it and remembered why i bought it in the first place. it's a maxi length dress without being too maxi length, fully lined, and the cotton is wonderfully airy for hot summer days. this is also one of the few dresses that i feel completely at ease in and forget that i'm wearing a dress. i'm one of those people who for some reason just could never really get into dresses or skirts; but i think this is the easy breezy dress for the girl who doesn't really like them. paired with the oak mulberry bayswater (i swapped my black one for this one a while back), it's a fine alternative to my other summer uniform...the idea of a long summer dress with some flat sandals really appeals to me right now.


  1. It's lovely and it looks PERFECT for the terrible weather we've been having.

  2. You're poster-girl perfect for the summer!

    I'm still in the process of "upgrading" my things as well, but I've also realised that some things are irreplacable and perfect as they are, and it makes me feel comforted that I've actually made good decisions in the past!

  3. What a totally perfect dress! They're so hard to come by!

  4. The print is gorgeous, I'm glad you kept it. It's nice having those pieces that no amount of upgrading can replace or improve upon them. I'm kind of the opposite with maxi-dresses though. No matter how many times I've tried, I just can't get into them. I always feel like my mobility is limited by all the fabric flowing beneath my knees.

    Also, good call on the switch! This brown seems very versatile.

  5. Aesthetic Alterations & jennifer: thanks! :)

    lin: yep. i think it's sometimes easy to get caught up in the better (and more expensive) version. i've stopped shopping at Gap due to their quality issues and rather blah designs, but there are a good number of items that i will always get on sale at jcrew. no need to pay more :)

    MyFavouriteThings: they are - i'm holding on to this one. it's also a nice travel dress.

    Austere: thank you! haha i know what you mean. i find maxi dresses more practical than shorter ones, no need to worry about a runaway breeze!

  6. It may be an oldie but its still a goodie! ;) The color and print look lovely on you. Its good to follow your heart on some pieces - if you've loved an item (and it loves you back) its a keeper.

  7. That is the perfect summer outfit right there. Makes me want to take a tropical vacation! I think it would be very hard to upgrade this one to a better version :)

  8. Eva: thanks! it's true. sometimes you just have to 'rediscover' old closet pieces again.

    S: nothing beats a really great cotton summer dress. i think this is one of the few skirt/dress outfits i've ever posted on this blog! :P

  9. The dress is lovely and I can feel the comfort as well. Definitely a good oldie. :-)

  10. That's a lovely dress! We're having terrible weather here - rain for almost a week now, feels like fall already.

  11. Just discovered your site (when i google worishofer 711's, just ordered some in black) and i think it's great! im adding you to my blogroll. also your bag is awesome.


  12. q9y8 & Garderoben: thanks!!

    amanda: thanks for stopping by! :D worishofers are so good. they're up there with saltwaters for the Best Affordable And Comfy Sandal award.


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