lust and found: vintage fur

inspired by my last post on all things vintage and slightly eccentric and edward gorey-ish, i found some vintage gems from Etsy, my favorite online emporium for affordable handmade and vintage treasures.

1950s vintage fox fur collar, saint james striped shirt, rag & bone utility jacket, seven skinny jeans, vintage ferragamo pumps, vintage Coach kelly bag

i also found a lovely vintage mink coat. i really love the coat overall, as i find it difficult to find vintage fur coats that aren't super huge or too long. i personally prefer a cropped style to prevent as much as possible the dreaded Gorilla Arm Effect. i really don't know how Rachel Zoe does it - i'm still getting used to the volume and generous fit of vintage fur.

[*furrier as a professional title is such a funny word. i also admit that i like to have a go-to expert whom i can call 'my furrier']

1960s vintage mink cropped coat, saint james striped shirt, seven skinny jeans, HOPE stockholm pumps, vintage Coach kelly bag

if you have any vintage fur or experience with it, please let me know your thoughts! do you have a favorite fur piece or one on your wishlist? and for those of you who do, how do you store/take care of them during the off-season?


  1. The fur collar is AWESOME!! I wish I had some advice to give about maintaining fur coats, but I don't. If anything, I think the coat looks great on you! If you didn't pay an arm and a leg for it, I think you should just keep it and get it repaired at the end of the season.

    Oh, and haha, "gorilla arm effect"...what a good term.

  2. OMG, I love the fur collar! I love a hint of fur - elevates any outfit!

  3. I LOVE the way you wear fur. This is exactly how it should be worn ... you make it look not at all old lady-ish. I'm sorry I also don't have any advice on fur maintenance ... I don't recall my mom doing anything special or even storing them any differently from any other jacket (not even in a garment bag, lol). In terms of gorilla arms, first of all LOL!! And secondly, I know you don't want to spend any more money on the 2nd jacket, but if the sleeves were just a bit shorter, revealing the wrist, that helps a lot. That is how my mom wore her bulky furs!

  4. jennifer: aww, thanks! :) the coat was a bit pricier than the collar (of course) but it was a fair price and not a major splurge or anything. i'm still a little freaked out about the so-called "chubby furs" that are short but have long and shaggy and super fluffy volume. anyway for me i think for me the idea is to try as much as possible not to look like a snow monster or an ewok...

    fleurette: thanks! it's lovely and warm and i can see it going with almost anything.

    S: thanks :) although i kind of find it charming how some older ladies rock their fur coats, but i don't have the street cred to do that full-on Old Lady Fur thing. gorilla arms are something to fear! :P the cuffed sleeves are actually a little shorter than they look in the pic (weird posture for me to take the photo), so the sleeves are definitely not too long (which makes a huge difference). your mom sounded like such a stylish woman. maybe you can do a style inspiration post on her :)

  5. I especially like the first outfit - the silhouette and accessories would have been very bourgeoise chic but you kept it interesting with the parka. I've always liked the look of a fur scarf.

  6. Love them, especially the first, the right amount of fur!

  7. Ohhh, that first look is magic. It's such a good combination of comfort and intrigue. I often try to achieve that balance, wearing a somewhat basic uniform and then adding one or two wildcard items.

  8. The first outfit is sartorialist-worthy :) I love the collar, the parka, the shoes, and that coach bag just looks better each time I see it!

  9. Love how you have mixed the look up with the addition of the parka - it adds just the right edge to the outift - which as lin said would indeed be 'bourgeoise chic' otherwise! The fur collar is such a brilliant addition to your wardrobe - jealous! x

  10. That fox collar looks like the 2011 looks that just walked...go you.

  11. The fur collar is gorgeous. The Ferragamo flats are beautiful and still so stylish and look very similar to the newer designs. Classics never go out of style:P

  12. lin & olivia: haha, i do try not to veer too close to bourgeois chic territory!

    nanashi: that IS very much a tricky thing to balance out. for now i just can't see myself in anything that's fur and longer past my hips. i'm playing around with ways to style the jacket...

    sarah: thanks! i totally agree with your M.O. - it's the best way to play with new elements or an of-the-moment piece while staying true to your own look. :)

    Ammu: ha! that's very sweet of you - i'm pretty sure that a vintage fur collar is probably the most versatile fur pieces....perfect for those who don't feel comfortable wearing a fur jacket or coat.

    LPC & Meri: :) that's the best part of buying great vintage!

  13. I love that bag! The fur coat is incredible, and both shoes are knock-outs. You have great taste! I am now following you on Bloglovin.


  14. That outfit is fantastic! I love the fur and also the pumps..jealous!x



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