lust & found: isabel marant dicker boot alternatives

A.P.C. // still the best alternative, a definitively well-made classic
Rachel Comey // also a perennial cult favorite - i have a pair of her boots and it has aged well!
Ash // the Marant look at a fraction of the price - i've seen these in person and they feel quite well made
Madewell // a cool hybrid of the Marants and the APCs

a reader got in touch recently asking me about alternatives to the now-classic Isabel Marant dicker boots. every brand seems to have a version these days, but these are my picks. the originals are still my perennial favorite, but the lower-priced versions keep getting better, quality and materials-wise!

do you have a pair?


  1. It seems everyone's on the hunt for the perfect ankle boot :)

    Personal fave is Rachel Comey - so comfy and a cult classic on their own!

    I've also tried on the Madewells above and I like them. Maybe not as divine on the feet. I would've bought these if I didn't find the Comeys on sale :P

  2. A few friends have recommended the Madewell version, but my personal fave is Rachel Comey.

  3. I'd love some Rachel Comey ones. RE the IM's - I just can't bring myself to spend so much for suede!


  4. I did have a lovely pair of suede ancleboots that unfortuneately turned out to be of really poor quality despite what I paid for them. Your selection is great, I only hope that the companies ship to Norway:)

  5. Rachel Comey lover here too... the IM ones never appealed to me. Both are classics!

  6. Same here, I vote for Rachel Comey. I own a pair of Madewell Zipcode as well. Price-wise, it's a good alternative~

  7. Rachel Comey for me as well- the Dickers are just a smidge too cowboyish for me. My husband collects cowboy boots so he's ruined me.

  8. Just got the Madewell boots yesterday. Love them and plan to wear them with basically everything.

  9. The Rachel Comey boots are an instant classic on their own. I like the Matt Bernsons too- they're very flattering and a nice price point too.

  10. Still love the Dickers....

    How do you keep from destroying them? The sole seems so thin for pounding the pavement everyday.

    1. see my review on shoe care here: http://www.lesantimodernes.com/2012/02/foundations-shoe-care-and-maintenance.html

  11. My favourites are Rag & Bone. But they are even pricier than the Marant's and also have a higher heel. I'm tall and (high) heels are nothing for every day, at least not as long as I am a student. I have higher suede booties - from Comptoir des Cottoniers - I bought them a while ago as an alternative to the Marant's, but I have barely worn them, because they are a) too high for every day and b) I bought them too large - Suede leather expands!!!

    Now I have finally ordered the IM suede dicker boots in taupe from net-a-porter. They were back on sale (and are still not sold out in any size!). I cannot decide whether to keep them or not! The biggest hype is over but I'm not too much into fashion anyways, I have my uniform. But still, could I become fed-up with them soon, just because I have loved them for too long from afar? Sounds weird, I know, but I have never owned shoes that expensive. I can't afford them, so my parents will store them for me until my birthday in April...

    Ugh, I hate decisions like this!


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