the find: masculin / feminin foundations

just a short and sweet post for your Monday: Emerson Fry (aka the NYC designer who consistently makes everything i want to wear) is having a major sale. i don't think any designer does well-made, chic wardrobe foundation pieces with a feminine spirit and a tomboyish flair better than EF. so in case you're looking for the perfect ponyhair leopard print heels or the wear-with-everything black ankle boots, get them now for half off!


  1. I love EF! Didn't know they were having a sale.. So so tempting...

  2. My budget doesn't allow for designer goods, but black ankle boots are a staple in my wardrobe. My current ones are from Esprit. I would love a pair of leopard print heels!

  3. Love Emerson Fry! Wish they had a UK stockist!


  4. I always find so many pieces in her collections that I would love to have in my wardrobe.


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