inspiration: b&w f/w 2015

Patti Smith + Johnny Cash forever

does it get any better than these two?

no, no it doesn't. some icons never get old, and all i want to wear lately is black and white.

October seems to have arrived even more suddenly than usual this year. i'm terribly bored with the so-called '70s revival (again? sigh...) splashed all over the runways this season. i'd rather side-step all that patchwork-suede-and-flare and default to the black-and-white classics.

what are you in the mood for this fall? or are you also going back to reliable favorites?


  1. i know right?! :PPP sitting this one out for sure!

  2. I've been living in skinny jeans and black ankle boots. Just succumbed to the Uniqlo Lemaire cropped sweater in red (and navy and stripe . . . need to return at least two of my shameful online purchase)---I'm hoping the cropped line would balance the skinny jeans and also add much needed color to my otherwise monochromatic wardrobe.

    It's good to see the Balenciaga city tote, too. I still find that version timeless.

    1. we are of the same mind :) the bal city bag has aged remarkably well on all fronts.

  3. I was just thinking about Patti Smith the other day as I was viewing pics of the Ann Demeulemeester show (two thumbs down, Ann needs to come back from retirement! Along wih Jil Sander and Helmut Lang...) because she and Patti were great friends.

    Two great icons indeed!


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