playing favorites

i've been thinking about doing this post for a while - just like the "what's-in-your-bag" posts, i think taking a peek into someone's most-valued-pieces in their closet can be quite revealing. it also brings to light the depths of sartorial experience beyond just coveting beautiful, 'fashionable' things...your favorite dress, jacket or pair of shoes embodies memories and has transformative powers that make it special beyond its materiality alone.
below are mine - and i'm tagging you, nanashi, grechen, kristin, anabela, caroline and wonderfelle! can't wait to see what lovely pieces you're all wearing to pieces ;)

1: steven alan reverse seam shirt, mm6 martin margiela gray skinny jeans, no.6 shearling clog boots, rachel nasvik gold eleanor bag | 2: my trusty virginia johnson camel print shawl/scarf
my schlep-it-all everyday bag, the dunlin medium lafayette in croco-embossed leather
i call this my superhero leather jacket - if there was one piece in my closet that gives me instant confidence, it would be my yaya aflalo leather jacket (yes, it's modeled after Rick Owens' iconic leather jacket...i'm saving up my pennies for a RO jacket one day...)
and finally, last but not least...my wendy nichol kyung bolt stud earrings - without a pair of earrings i don't quite feel dressed. these are my go-to weekday favorites - witty and classic, and just a little tough :)

edit: check out anabela'swonderfelle's and nanashi's favorite things :)


  1. awesome post :) i LOVE those wendy nichol earrings - they are perfect. and your leather jacket...i'd love to have a rick owens someday, but i think there are a lot of good look-alikes out there, that yaya aflalo one is amazing. and of course, i always drool over your vj scarf and dunlin bag.

    i'll work on my post when i get back home next week - it quite interesting you did this now actually, i was thinking of doing a similar one, because i came back to atlanta for a week, and brought ony a few things to create outfits with, so i was going to do a "travel favorites" post or something...

  2. Great list! I love all of these pieces. I have a great YaYa A sweater that always makes me feel great when I wear it.

  3. okay i am so excited to respond to this bc i love reading other's ppls lists of favorites, seeing photographs of what htey love and are special and i love it when ppl dump out their handbags and you see what htey carry.
    its not surprising at all that ilove the mary kate and ashley olsen book influence.

  4. the dunlin bag looks like a great everyday bag. clog boots and virginia johnson scarf/shawl, amazing choices! i agree, just like grechen i'd love to own a RO leather jacket and I think my wardrobe be complete. I really like your blog, btw. :)

  5. thanks, eunice :) i love my dunlin bag - it's perfectly designed and gives me enough space to stash everything without it turning into a big messy sack!

  6. ah just catching up on my reader and i love this idea! picking favorites is so hard, i'll have to think a bit... but lady that jacket is amazing!

  7. thanks for the tag! will post once this crazy week is over. The Dunlin bag and the Hope pumps are the two things I always love seeing on your blog.

  8. Wow, I'm truly adoring that scarf. The print is so uncommon and eye-catching.


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