the high waist.

so unexpected, but i'm finding my alexa chung x madewell skinny jeans to be one of my most comfy pairs of denim...i think it is, hands down, the best piece in the AC x MW collection.

work has been pretty busy since fall started - i feel like i'm currently at a bit of a loss for style inspiration and ideas. :P defaulting to my saint james shirts and skinny jeans in the meantime...

 saint james striped shirt, uniqlo belt, alexa chung x madewell 'christian' skinny jeans, a.p.c. x porselli ballet flats


  1. Even though you're at a loss for inspiration, that outfit still looks awesome! You are totally rocking the high waist!

  2. i love those on you. especially with the st. james shirt - they just "go"

    what did you decide to do about your coat?

  3. thanks, jennifer! :) i think the high-waisted jeans are also making me improve my posture - i have such a tendency to slouch when i'm standing...

    grechen, i think i'm going to keep the coat, and play around with it a bit (using a skinny belt to belt it, actually buttoning it up some days, etc). i keep trying it on and i think i've gotten my 'eye' accustomed to the silhouette. there is still a small chance i may change my mind and return it, but for now i've decided it's a keeper!

  4. Nice outfit! Love how you made the brown belt work (I think it gives a real nice accent)! I'm also living in my fifth avenue shoe repair skinny denim, too (ended up getting one in faded grey and vintage blue). Flat shoes are just so comfy and I can't go back to bootcut as often.

  5. Now that I know your height, I have to go through your entire archive one more time.. this is just perfect! what kind of material is your shirt and do you think it has lasted well? do you recommend it? I adore boat necks!

  6. I got my first pair of Porselli ballerina flats in Paris last month and now Im totally regretting not getting one in every color. Also, missing you.


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