blue skies and popsicles

right now, i'm really inspired by turquoise and poppy red. i didn't think of it until recently, but perhaps it has something to do with the radiant blue hue that reminds me of the blue of a clear summer day, and poppy red always makes me think of the perfect berry popsicle.

as jennifer also posted recently, i think the combination of turquoise and gold is such an elegant twist to what is otherwise quite often a 'southwest' stone. i especially love the Persian turquoise that's found in antique and estate jewelry. i've also been really inspired by the expert styling of beaded pouch necklaces against the 'canvas' of silk tunics on - who else? -  the stylish totokaelo ladies.

 essie nail polish - 'silken cord'

what's inspiring you this spring? and if you wear jewelry, do you have a favorite seasonal or year-round piece?


  1. The first earrings are really stunning! It really makes me want to go back to wearing earrings; though, the problem I have with jewelry is I never remember to put it back on after I've taken it off for a shower. I might have to start honing the habit because I've been really inspired by Jennifer's post--and now your post as well! I think I've been really inspired by open-knit sweaters/the IM fishnet sweaters in popsicle colors. They look perfect for a chilly day at the beach, though I haven't given much thought to actually buying one since I'm landlocked and I've already purchased all my necessary garments for spring and summer. Maybe next spring! As for jewelry, I only wear my watch. It has great sentimental value to me (Valentine's gift from boyfriend) and I haven't stumbled over anything that's matched it thus far!

  2. I love those earrings, turquoise is so beautiful and summery. And that nail polish is the perfect shade! I don't wear very much jewellery but I do have two necklaces that I rotate - a chunky wooden one in green and brown and a chunk of turquoise on a gold chain by the Vamoose. I'm wearing the turquoise one most at the moment - you can see it on this post on my blog (http://quiethouses.blogspot.com/2011/03/saturday-outfit.html)

  3. Totokaelo is always so inspiring! My son just broke my year-round necklace chain, I have to get it fixed. Feels sort of empty without it. Sometimes I wear more "ethnic" jewellery during summer, but mostly I use the same old silver necklace.

  4. God, I love those Mociun earrings so much. Did you hear that she has a pop-up shop this month where all her jewelry will be for sale? Dangerous. Even though I rarely wear "statement jewelry," I really love the new Lizzie Fortunato pieces! Like you, I think I'm really inspired by color this spring. I'm also inspired by prints and dresses. My fall/winter wardrobe is made up of black, grey, navy, and more grey. I'm ready to spice things up a bit!

  5. Turquoise is one of my favourite stones. With gold or silver. I am inspired by flat sandals this summer - bright toe-nails in Hermes orange, fuchsia , or ripe mango. Short smock dresses and satchels. And precious jewelry. Sort of a london meets Ibiza look :)

  6. those earrings are too cute, though id probably end up getting two sets to get matching pairs! i've worn the exact same jewellery for years, though on margin am more likely to wear rings in summer, as gloves dont get in the way.
    ( i didnt see your earlier q on the shoes - theyre pedro garcia, the leopard print itself was lovely)

  7. Really beautiful jewellery!


  8. I don't really think in seasons, but I've been very inspired by all the bright colour in stores, although I haven't been inclined to give it a shot. I saw a pair of coral leather flat sandals with a little bow and it instantly transported me into a Beach Holiday.

  9. 0000: hehe, earrings are hard to keep track of! i find that having a small dish to drop in jewelry keeps things in one place and reminds me to put it back on. i don't quite feel dressed unless i leave the house with a pair of earrings - i wear a pair every day :)

    Kate: your vamoose necklace sounds so perfect! thanks for the link :)

    Garderoben: oh i hope the jeweler fixes your necklace! perhaps someday they'll make jewelry that's 'child-proof'! i know what you mean about missing a piece that you wear daily. it really does become a part of you! i'm also a little superstitious about the jewelry that i wear. good luck and whatnot :)

    jennifer: yesss color and even a statement-y piece here and there are what i'm feeling for spring and summer. it's very monochromatic here, but it's refreshing to see stylish people do color and texture well in the city!

    Ammu: i love it! london x ibiza is such an evocative inspiration idea :D and i am ALWAYS inspired by flat sandals and bright pedicures...nothing better than walking around the city with a chic and comfy pair of sandals and a new pedicure!

    son: hehe, i find that i don't wear gloves much in the winter so as not to get in the way of rings. :P earrings are my daily must-have.

    Lea: thanks for stopping by!

    lin: i like a few bright colors - mostly in blues, poppy reds and purples. i also have a soft spot for a bright floral print cut with a neutral. but i don't think i can do a lot of color all at once!


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