lust and found: isabel marant yuli scarf

the yuli scarf arrived today - it's amaaaazing! the woven silk is midweight, and has a slightly nubby texture that feels like a cross between a fine terry and linen. of course, fabric purist that i am, i love that it's a substantial silk. a definite s/s 2011 IM winner on all fronts. it's also pretty huge - when folded over in half triangle-wise, it drapes to form the perfect slouchy colorful scarf. 

j.crew tee, relwen utility pants, isabel marant scarf, HOPE stockholm pumps

last week i also stumbled across these relwen pants on sale at steven alan outpost. it was one of those moments when you're window-shopping and suddenly you see the *exact* thing that you'd been looking for just hanging out on the rack.

they're a size S and fit generously to the point of being utterly shapeless and too big. but that's the 'fit' i was going for, if that makes any sense. sometimes, fit is all about how you *feel* wearing something. i've always been too cheap to spring for a pair of yohji pants, but i imagine i'd feel as good in them as i do in this relwen pair! the material is a nice, substantial chino cotton that feels almost like denim.

so, now i'm pretty much done with my list. i have one more spring/summer reveal, though, that i will post about later this week. yes, instead of the colorful sandals (let's be honest, i need another pair of shoes like i need MSG), i've decided to combine #3 with the wildcard for a red day bag. this will be a fun reveal! so stay tuned :) ...

1. isabel marant yuli silk woven scarf
2. baggy olive chinos - to be worn cuffed
3. a red day bag
4. isabel marant suede ankle boots
5. vintage gucci clutch
6. ?? <---- wildcard item to be combined with updated #3

i am a little obsessed with poppy red this spring/summer. i prefer the slightly orangey bright red over the darker, vampy 'bluish' red.

if you made a list this year/season, how are you doing? any surprising finds off-list? what color are you really into for spring/summer?


  1. Yeah! The scarf and pants look fantastic on you!!

  2. Your scarf and new pants are so very lovely! I love the nubby silk that she uses, it has such a nice weight to it. I know exactly what you mean about poppy red! There is a fruit punch red cardigan from APC that keeps catching my eye. If it makes the sales, I might spring for it. It's a bit scary for me, because I don't really wear color, but I can't get my mind off it. Otherwise, I feel like I can get my fix with some fruit punch red nail polish, which I do every summer!

  3. Haha, a wildcard item is a great thing to have on your list!
    Love the pants and the scarf! I agree it's one of the better items from IM S/S 11.

  4. Your scarf reminds me a bit of the Bay Point Blanket! (but chicer) And I LOVE poppy red. The orange red is utterly cheerful.

  5. Love the Relwen pants and the scarf! Poppy red is such a cheerful color. I'm still breaking into my red Beguelin flats (it hurts a bit on the toe) but hopefully it'll stretch out soon. Can't wait to see your wild card item . .

  6. i'm so tempted to get one of the scarves - the fabric was so nice in person - i loved how it felt a bit more like linen than silk as i traditionally think of it :)

  7. jennifer: thanks! you paved the way :)

    S: i know what you mean :) fruit punch sounds like a perfect name for an APC cardigan. i think a bright poppy red is more versatile than it appears...to me it's a half-neutral if you wear it right.

    Fleurette: thanks! sometimes you do find perfect wardrobe additions that you weren't looking for ;)

    Kristin: ooh - jennifer said hers reminded her of a pendleton blanket. either way it's delightfully cozy and perfect to wrap around. poppy red will always be the color of summer for me!

    Nanashi: ooh you should post about your red flats! i love a pop of red in all the different ways you can wear it. where did you get it?

    julia: the silk is soooo heavenly! totally unexpected texture and just could not resist the gorgeous ecru/multi colorway. it has the effect of being soft yet vibrant at the same time :)

    Pret a Porter P: i always wonder how some women wear super-tight pants in the summer. i'd be happy to wear billowy silk harem pants as soon as it hits 85 with any humidity. ebay is too intense for me - i try to just purchase from shops or consignment stores where the price is set. i can't take it if i were to lose out on an favorite auction!

  8. You look so fresh and summery, such a change from the layered looks you've been wearing all winter.I love the fit of your trousers. Congrats on doing so well ticking the things off your list, can't wait to see that red bag.

    I thought it was really nonsense that I bought a grey jumper when we're headed into the hottest months of the year, but ah well, the heart wants what the heart wants.

  9. They both look great on you! I love the colours on the Yuli scarf, but I think that the pastel ones are better for me. I got the one you're wearing for a friend instead! The pants look really good with the pumps!

  10. I love those pants. Exactly what I've been looking for. Lovely outfit too!

  11. Cool! It looks great with the trousers you're wearing.

  12. I love that scarf! IM pieces are so elegant.

    My spring shopping is almost complete. The only things that were surprises and "off-list" were my Hermès bags (preloved). Aside from those, my spring shopping seems to be a bit dull. Tshirts, tanks, simple black skirt, wedges . . . . Basics. I'm very much a uniform-dresser.

  13. love voluminous large scale scarves, so much more nicer to drape. im hoping the all white trend means i can find a few classics (blouse or skirt or dress) to stock up on. my surprise was finding a pair of leopard print flats that i liked - still feeling guilty but i know theyll be a useful addition.

  14. It surely drapes nicely!Hope you enjoy wearing it.I see you are almost through your list.Then what?

  15. lin: you never know what you'll find! i'm a believer in not letting the current season dictate what you buy if it's something really great. i am trying to live more colorfully in more ways than one - so the IM scarf is a nice reminder to do so :)

    Garderoben: i know - when will i ever get tired of my Hope pumps? never! :D i so want Hope to come out with a new version of these in a different color!

    Kate & Adele: thank you! :)

    Aesthetic Alterations: you know i'm a fan of uniform dressing :) my j.crew basics are the workhorses of my wardrobe! and i love that you got a preloved Hermes - which one did you get? i find preloved luxury bags much more interesting and compelling (not to mention, budget friend as much as luxury bags can be...) than new retail ones.

    son: leopard print flats are perennially on my interest list - i've yet to find a pair that's the right print and my size. i hear Zara makes good ones. where did you get yours? not that i'm looking for any more shoes right now... :)

    angie: i'm trying to be disciplined and stop shopping for the rest of the season till late August. seriously! i am very very close to having the perfect closet of pieces that fit my sartorial needs - so i want to get to the point where i can basically stop 'aimlessly shopping' and only get a few really amazing, choice investment pieces every year.

  16. ohhh, the pants look so good!

    and i quite like the scarf. i love scarves but feel i lack the panache necessary to pull them off.

    today was the most ridonkulous weather! i was wearing a swacket and a sweater and practically dying of heatstroke.

    anyhow, i want to see the new bag.
    post it post it post it post it post it post...

  17. the best scarf ever! I wish I had bought two for when one wears out!! Great outfit.

    Kim @ 40 over 20



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