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 photos via the persona flickr set

if you're like me and maybe are a little bit obsessed with handbags, you may be familiar with the ubiquitous 'what's in your bag' tag that's been around on youtube, magazines, and the blogosphere. i never get tired of seeing what stylish people put in their bags - and now there's persona, a cool flickr set by photographer Jason Travis that features quirky and interesting people with their personal 'table of contents'.

it's particularly inspiring to see how much or how little some of the people featured pack in their day bags.

this week i've been carrying my mulberry bayswater, and i'd love to see the table of contents of Sofia Coppola, Ines de la Fressange, and John le Carré's* bags.

what bag are you carrying today? which style icon/random famous person's table of contents would you like to see?

*odds are that John le Carré doesn't carry around a man bag, but i'd like to think that a brilliant spy novelist would have some interesting table of contents!


  1. OMG, this is so cool. I love the one with the guy who is carrying a quarter of a bundt cake.

    Today, I carried my brand new striped Rennes Market Tote that Julia made for in a LoGE trade. Maybe all this royal wedding madness has gotten to me but I'd really love to see what the Queen has inside those tiny purses she always carries!

  2. haha yeah the bag curiosity is there, and I feel that the closet visit thing is a similar thing, I think people are tired of being dictated by media and magazine what they must have and rather get some sensible look at real people (and cool one)'s bag. It's more relatable than seeing a wall filled with Louboutins and vintage Pradas.

    it was rainy in the morning today so I carried my waterproof MZ Wallace tote with my Moleskine planner, bright orange scarf, cell phone, a pen, one book (i can't leave home without one), a draft of a chapter to edit, wallet, chapstick, and a bar of chocolate.

  3. Cool, I must check this out. I've been carrying my navy Longchamp messanger bag all week because I'm moving around a lot for work and keeping my hands free is pretty important.

    Today, happily, is Sunday and I'm going to do the exact opposite by carrying my little Kate Spade clutch and leaving the house only with money, keys, phone and lip balm. No notebook, pen, book, water, whatever! On weekends I absolutely treasure going out light.

  4. I have been carrying my Belen Echandia chestnut shimmer hobo the past week while travelling for work. It's a really great leather that looks better the more bashed-up it gets, so it's pretty perfect for travel to hot, dusty places.
    I have been carrying my iPad, a book, 2 cell phones (personal and for work), wallet, sunglasses, headphones, a little pouch with medicines, a flashlight, and hand cream. Not much of a minimalist, I am afraid!

  5. Sooo cool and my next big distraction!

  6. Great shout!


  7. jennifer: haha! so funny what kinds of foodstuffs people will stash in their bags. bundt cake is at the vanguard of snack stashing, though. royal wedding hype is slowly tempting me to turn on the TV for the live broadcast...:P

    Nanashi: i love that you carry a bar of chocolate with you :) it's infinitely more interesting to see what real people carry as opposed to some editorial ad for advertisers.

    lin: i like your weekday/weekend division - it is so freeing to carry next to nothing. i think this is also why Carine Roitfeld refused to carry a handbag around - for her it was THE ultimate status statement!

    Ammu: ah, that's the best kind of leather...the ones that weather gracefully. i'm with you - i can't pare things down too too much beyond what fits in a medium/small bag - unless i'm going out for evening.

    jocy & alexandra: happy browsing! :)

  8. I'd love to see the contents of Courtney Love's bag! It'd probably be chaotic and interesting...
    I'm wearing my Jerome Dreyfuss Mini Twee now, perfect for summer!

  9. Garderoben: oooh Courtney Love's bag would be a naughty stash, i'm sure! though i'm also betting she has some 'uncharacteristic' items like maybe a Smythson planner. ha! you never know how much celebrities' image actually transfers to who they really are... ;)

    how do you like the JD twee? it looks super adorable, but i doubt i could just fit so little for day to day :P

  10. You're probably right about Courtney's bag:)!
    I really like the mini twee, but it's too small for some occations. When I'm off work I usually hang out in the park with my family and friends, and I don't want a big bag on my shoulder when I'm chasing the kids around. I'm afraid it'd get stolen if I leave it on the stroller. So, for that the mini twee is perfect -it fits keys, phone, a very small wallet and and sunglasses with a soft case. I have a JD medium billy for other occations. I'll do a "in my bag" post soon!


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