spring dressing

photo via jak and jil

my favorite time of year is leather jacket weather. when it's just chilly enough that you can throw on your favorite leather jacket over a tee or shirt, a light scarf, jeans and short boots.

due to my earlier-season splurge, i'm not really shopping that much this season. doing a lot more wardrobe editing than shopping, which makes me feel good. however, there are a few choice items that i have shortlisted as key pieces for spring and summer - most of which i also plan on wearing year-round.

1. isabel marant yuli silk woven scarf
2. baggy olive chinos - to be worn cuffed
3. a pair of colorful sandals - for a pop of color
4. isabel marant suede ankle boots
5. vintage gucci clutch
6. ??

#1, #4, and #5 will likely show up soon in an outfit post or two. i'm particularly excited about the IM yuli scarf - after seeing jennifer post about hers, i was bitten by the inspiration bug!

every season, i reserve a random 'wildcard' item for those precious flea market or vintage shop finds, or even an unexpected find at barneys co-op. what's on your spring/summer shortlist? have you found some of them already?


  1. Gorgeous leather jacket! We are going into Winter over here- which makes it difficult as I'm reluctant to buy winter coats until I move to the UK in January- I will be wayyy over weight limit! Most of my shopping has ceased until I go to Bali in September and get half of my total wishlist made to fit :)

    I'd be interested to see which chinos you end up going for, and how you style them- I'm still hopeless with pants that aren't skinny and don't really know how to wear them.

  2. olive chinos sound like a good idea. i think i'd like a pair- slouchy but close fitted to the ankle.

    i am not accustomed to shopping for the different seasons (with the exception of a "real" southern winter this year!) but i did just purchase the perfect pair of chino shorts. i'm not a shorts person, stylishly speaking (i grew quite tired of them in the caribbean!) but i like these, and actually look forward to wearing them.

    my husband bought me a lovely pair of BCBG black wool blend capris that i've been wearing almost nonstop since march.

    i would LOVE to get my hands (feet) on a pair of IM suede ankle boots! which color did you get?

  3. I love leather jacket weather but I call it cardigan weather! I love chunky wool cardigans with funny buttons. Your items sound lovely - I'm intrigued by the Gucci clutch.

    I would also like a pair of olive chinos! I wear too much brown already for a khaki pair. I don't have a strict number of items but I do try to keep to my list. I bought a pair of bright sandals on Monday - red saltwater sandals from Toast. And I finally saved up for Russell and Bromley loafers, which I love and am wearing right now to break them in.

  4. Pret a Porter P: i know what you mean by 'shopping for the future'! it's a good way to shop IMO, especially for expensive items. i've done much less impulse buying ever since i started thinking about whether i'd still wear something 5 yrs from now. pleats please scarf sounds really neat - i've passed by the issey miyake boutique in ny many times, but never gone in.

    asha: oooh are you moving to the UK for the near future? you'll be that much closer to mulberry boutiques :) i'll probably do a post on the baggy chinos when i find them...let me know what you think!

    style odyssey: i'm with you on shorts - if i'm wearing shorts it's usually my levis cutoffs...but khaki shorts remind me of girl scouts too much - ha! i got mine in this season's taupe color. i did a post on them about a month and a half ago. they're great! i wear them nonstop when it's not raining :)

    Kate: ooh red saltwaters are such a cheery summer classic! i have a pair in a black nubuck. they're great to pack along for travel when you're going to be doing a lot of walking. i'll probably do a post on the vintage gucci clutch soon. i've envisioned a lot of summer evening looks that it'll complement!

  5. I live in a seasonless place too, it's just hot,and hotter, so my lists are usually items to be replaced/upgraded, long-term dream items, and whatever catches my attention in between. I didn't make an extensive list for the year but my 10 alloted spaces for new clothes are slowly filling up!

    I have some olive pants that make a nice break from jeans, I suppose they're a "classic novelty" that hasn;t quite reached classic status in my closet. I love the Out of Africa chic of olive trousers and a loose white shirt.

  6. you got the scarf! yay! what colorway did you go with? i'm not sure if they're still available, but i remember really liking the current/elliot captain's trousers (i think that's what they were called). i believe they came in olive and khaki. they might even be heavily discounted by now.

  7. This time of the year, and fall, are my favourite seasons when it comes to dressing. We're having summerlike temperatures here now, just lovely. I got the yuli silk scarf as well, in the pastel colourway, I love it.

  8. lin: there's nothing like a baggy pair of cotton chinos for spring and early summer. i much prefer that to shorts :)

    jennifer: i went with the ecru and multi-bright stripes! could not resist the awesome colors in that one. i know about the c/e pants you're talking about - i'll have to see if they're on sale anywhere...

    garderoben: i'm really looking forward to getting mine in the mail soon. according to jennifer it's the perfect weight for year round :) how do you like the texture?

  9. very nice choices for your spring items. I can't wait to see your scarf! I got a pair of khaki green pants this spring that are a nice alternative to jeans ... green/olive is so nice with black and navy.

  10. ah nice list! olive pants sounds like a great addition and cant wait to see your IM scarf!

    colorful sandal always is a good idea, which reminds me to break into the red flats i got in winter, it's already getting too warm to wear them here!

  11. I really like the texture. I have a similair one in burgundy for fall/winter. They really add something to an outfit.

  12. lol! (your girl scouts reference)
    to avoid that particular look, i'll make sure and not wear my khaki shorts (they're really more of a british tan) with a small collared, front button white shirt (and no green)! :D


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