review: #ManoloGate + Leather Spa update

wearing my new Manolos last month, before the Leather Spa hackjob

i was going to post the photos above as part of a lookbook series on my Manolos once i got them back from Leather Spa. now, given the horrendous fiasco that has ensued, it's fitting that the photos are cruel and clear reminders of the condition of the shoes before i entrusted them to the incompetent and dishonest Leather Spa staff.

here's an update on ManoloGate since my last post...

1. the Manolo Blahnik boutique associate tried two days in a row to get in touch on my behalf with Leather Spa's owners, to no avail 
2. when the MB associate did finally reach someone, she spoke with Josephine again, who stonewalled her with the same lies. 
3. the MB boutique can order new heels from the factory for me and get them put on my botched shoes free of charge...
4. ...but – as if this whole debacle isn't cruelly absurd and upsetting enough – MB will need to send my shoes back to Leather Spa to get the new heels put on
5. why, you ask? because Leather Spa is the corporate vendor for all Manolo Blahnik shoes and clients. 
regardless, i am very grateful to the kind and gracious MB associate for all of her help throughout this situation.

i have filed cases with the BBB and NYC's Department of Consumer Affairs. those are pending further mediation and action with the respective agencies.

i have written a Yelp review. but, within an hour of posting it, my review was 'filtered' by Yelp, so now you'll have to scroll all the way down to the bottom, find the grayed-out "filtered reviews" link, and submit a Captcha (or several) before you'll be able to see it. incidentally, there are a number of other negative, compelling reviews in this filtered list. i'll let you draw your own conclusions on that.

dear readers, i need your help: 
  • please forward and tell your friends (especially those who live in NYC), and make it clear that this is unacceptable.
  • i've tweeted about this under #ManoloGate. please help me spread awareness on social media.
  • if anyone reading this is a lawyer, could you offer any thoughts on legal recourse? please feel free to contact me via email.
  • if you've experienced anything similar and was able to resolve it somehow, i'd love to hear about it.
thank you all so much for your support...

have a lovely Labor Day weekend!


  1. What a nightmare, Sophie! I'm so upset for you.

    I can't give legal advice over the Internet for obvious reasons but I will say that you might want to look into filing a claim for damages against Leather Spa for the cost of the shoes. Not sure if New York has a small claims process but if it does, it's usually layperson-friendly and you wouldn't need to hire a lawyer.

  2. This story is a cautionary tale. I can't believe that you'll have to send the shoes back to Leather Spa to be reheeled. That is some serious irony. And completely upsetting. But, I suppose, the MB people will be managing the process so you won't have to take part in it. I would suggest that you advise the MB peeps not to tell the shoe shop what's up or they may take out their hostility on the shoes in some unpredictable way.

    Seriously Sophie. This is wretched. So sorry to hear you are going through this. Shoes should be a joy. Especially fancy ones.

  3. It's terrible that this happened in the first place, and I sympathize with the stonewalling that you've endured. But legal recourse - how much more energy and time are you going to expend on this (not to mention money)? In the end, they're a pair of shoes, and the heels *will* be replaced free of charge. Just a thought that continuing to see this through might in the end be more of a hassle and time-suck than it's worth.

    1. i've thought through everything you're saying here, but it's a huge issue of principle and accountability and honest and fair business practices that's the issue here. fingers crossed that BBB and DCA will be able to help resolve the matter fairly first.

  4. of course new york has a small claims process. It's seamless (just filling out paperwork) and would probably get you the refund for the shoes.

  5. I know this isn't the point, but your pre-ManoloGate photos look spectacular. I love that handbag AND the Manolos are gorgeous.

  6. I really hope things work out for you, it sounds so stressful. Can't believe your shoes have to go BACK to the leather spa after everything you have gone through. Good luck! I hope things work out in your favour.

  7. i really hope leather spa doesn't mess them up again and you get your shoes back. it's the very least they can do!

  8. Does MB have a corporate office/headquarter? Have you written a letter to them yet? If this place were just any other vendor, I'd say MB was free and clear, but they have a vendor relationship with this place? That's another level of accountability.

    I'm with the others on the small claims court avenue.

  9. MB has a phone number for its London headquarters: (44) 0207 352 8622. I would call and get an email for someone.

  10. Wow, I actually can't believe this, following on from your previous post. I'm glad that your shoes will be getting replaced, but am obviously shocked they will be going back to Leather Spa. Should I ever live in New York, I will remember this, and never go there!

  11. Give us a direct hyperlink to your yelp review. If enough of us rate it as "useful" it should rise up in the ranks.

    1. unfortunately filtered yelp reviews don't have a link, nor do they have a button for people to rate it as useful. :P you can access my review only through my profile page which lists all my reviews: http://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=UBBLMP0zNON7rRHDpIOPUw

      there's a link there to rate the usefulness of the review.

  12. I just voted "useful" on your yelp review, which didn't show up as filtered to me.

    Here's a link to the review so others can vote up its usefulness and it can rise in the ranks of Yelp reviews: http://www.yelp.com/user_details_review_search?userid=UBBLMP0zNON7rRHDpIOPUw&q=leather+spa



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