style tip: the budget breton

starting a new series of mini-posts featuring style tips. first up: the budget breton!

same classic breton, better price
shop the boy's section and buy the largest size (12 or 14)
this is perfect if you've a smaller frame, and have trouble finding tops that aren't too long :)


  1. Oh thank you! This is wonderful! I love the black/blue/white one...

  2. What a great tip!!! Thanks for this!

  3. That's a fabulous idea, they fit exactly the same anyway :) Love the title Budget Breton by the way, it just rolls off the tongue!

  4. Had never thought to check the boys section! I imagine being just under 5'8" they may be a little short for me but never hurts to look

  5. Argh, the children's department...I WISH.

    By the way, I love your BSC reference in the last post. I have a denim jacket too, it seemed liked the coolest thing to own but I never wear it because it's usually too hot, and also because I wear jeans a lot and just can't see double denim on myself.

  6. I love the kids' department! I definitely buy my Saint James bretons from the boys section; though, I think the problem I tend to have is they'll shrink in length after the first wash (only if you put them in the dryer though), which can make wearing them with anything other than high rise jeans a bit tricky (or maybe I just have a long torso?). Definitely going to buy the tulip colored one though! The red-white-blue color combo has been on my brain recently!


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