wardrobe planning: spring 2014

spring planning this year is about filling a few major wardrobe gaps that will elevate the rest of my go-tos. the back to basics palette continues.

01 the chic and sophisticated dress (also here) // by who else – DVF, of course! i love the grown-up detail of the lace and the simplicity of the design. it's feminine without being fussy, and the style is appropriate for so many fancy occasions.
02 grey and black sweatshirts // along with my petra tote (see my review), this is one of my favorite recent everlane collections.

03 a new pair of glasses // the state of my 7+ year-old frames = finally time to get a replacement pair.
04 lightweight silk-cashmere shawl // per my seasonal scarves guide.
05 a lucky necklace (love this and this too) // looking for a lovely but understated talisman necklace to layer with my simple everyday one.

06 black Celine-esque trina sandals (more sizes/colors here) // technically this would be a summer buy, but last year these sold out so fast i'm not taking any chances – getting my pair now. best. sandals. ever. (see my review)

*winter update // a very efficient season overall. i've checked off everything on my winter wp list, and every piece has become part of the regular rotation, especially my market tote and black jeans.

thoughts on the season //
  • i'd like to incorporate some elements of classical femininity into my wardrobe this year; a few upcoming friends' weddings also calls for a new dress or two.
  • inspired by the magnificent novel that is The Goldfinch...and looking to add a new piece of meaningful jewelry to my forever collection.
  • style motto for the year: the elegant minimalist, a la the Christophe Lemaire woman. 
what are your thoughts for the new season? anything on your wishlist?


  1. so glad the Trina sandals are back! I bought a pair after reading your review and wore mine pretty much every single day last summer and looked to buy another pair but my size was all sold out. They are seriously the best summer sandals ever!

  2. So annoying that the Trina sandals are sold out in my size - best sandals ever.

  3. I'm gonna go ahead and echo everybody else's feelings about the Trina sandals: best ever. Mine are over two years old, and need a bit of a refresher, but I can't wait to wear them out again!
    I'm looking for lighter coloured trousers for spring, either white or ivory. They're something I've always avoided but feel ready to incorporate into my wardrobe. I would also love to acquire a few of Everlane's silk blouses as well, notably in the truffle and mulberry shades. But at the top of my wardrobe planning list a striped casual dress!

  4. I had a replacement pair of Trina's on my list when they were mysteriously on sale at zappos for $70, but then the price went back up the next day! Mine are pretty beat up at this point, especially since they're the natural color, but I'm hoping they'll last one more summer.

    Other things on my list: Everlane silk blouse (in slate, probably), Madewell twill weave scarf (perfect shade of dove grey!), American Apparel seersucker sun dress, navy cropped trousers (so hard to find, since the J Crew Minnie's just don't really work for me), and something simple from Zara (probably this dress http://www.zara.com/us/en/trf/dresses/zip-waist-dress-c566530p1691437.html).

    I canNOT wait for spring!!

  5. Really loving your list, simple and to the point. My own list, mostly geared for winter, is strikingly different this year, as I'm looking to add some silk "joggers", midi length skirts, and shell tops in colours aside from my general palette of white, navy, grey and black. I've been loving Emerson Fry lately, just hoping the pieces that i want make it to sale. Their leather jacket looks just dreamy!

  6. I have so many major gaps to fill right now! I did get the everlane sweatshirt in grey -- the boatneck raglan (even though it is not a boat neck, not sure why they call it that). Would love a post on how you style it, as I'm on the fence about keeping it due to uncertainty about that.

  7. I admire you for being able to have such a focus on your wardrobe! I really wish I could manage, but I'm always too tempted by new styles.

  8. Like Jamie-Lee I'm also looking forward to Winter. Although I've been shopping like a maniac, there are still a few things on my list - black leather jacket, black ballet flats and a coat to name a few.

  9. So looking forward to Spring. I have a pair of Lanvin flats that I've been itching to wear.

    You list looks great. I like your description of the elegant minimalist.

    I have the DVF Zarita dress and have blogged about it. I cannot recommend it enough. I bought it several years ago when it was only available in black, but the navy is so... tempting. It's amazing how it's a dress that looks really good on so many women. My co-worker didn't believe me and then she tried it on and was in love.

    I did the new glasses thing last weekend. It was beyond time for a new pair.

  10. That's an excellent edited list! I got my Trina sandals last year but they are the darker Whiskey colour so was still on the look out for beige/nude sandals that the recent NAP sale provided lukcily. I have bought more accessories so far and very few clothing items that are key updates to my classics. Still on my shopping list are a bold goldtone necklace and a square top to update my pants and skirts for this year which is mostly about trying to modernise my looks.

  11. I got the Trina sandals about two years ago when they first came out before the big fuss! Wore them to death until finally in November or December one of the toe straps just tore! Mine were pretty beat so instead of repairing I just got a new pair from Zappos two weeks ago.

    The new Trina's strap is a bit different and the metal heel's quality is improved as well. My really old pair had no arch support to speak of unless I wore mine to death and don't remember the initial comfort? The new ones feel so much more comfortable. The sole definitely scratched at my feet/peeled in the old pair and the new pair just feels that much different...! Definitely glad I decided to get a new pair. Can't wait to rock them again this year!!


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