wardrobe planning: spring 2014 update

photo credit: tommy ton

this photo pretty much sums up my inspiration for spring.

main themes of the season: sportif, comfy, simple.

new additions /
black high rise ankle jeans // i plan on living in these all spring long.
classic black mid-heel pumps // this needs to be walkable, work-appropriate but also stylish enough for a dressy occasion, aka the white unicorn of my wardrobe. very inspired by the French Vogue crew's little black pumps. also considering this pair by loeffler randall, which fits my narrow-heeled foot perfectly (TTS but runs a bit narrow like all LR shoes).
minimalist sleek running sneakers // the best looking/most flattering running shoes that will double as walking shoes for travel.
slouchy black pants //
ankle socks //

purchased + hits /
gauzy cashmere silk scarf // light, super soft and cozy. definitely bringing mine to Japan next month.
ryan tanks // love these (i got the XS). originally i ordered some ryan s/s tees in S last month, but the neckline/overall fit was huge and not super flattering, so they went back. i think i prefer the tanks.
everlane sweatshirts // got a short sleeve one recently (in XS). so good.
h&m sweatpants // inexpensive, comfy, stylish details (like a tapered leg reminiscent of CdG or Yohji).
black trinas // done and done.

misses /
DVF lace dress // in spite of all the positive online reviews this just didn't work for me. the heavy-duty back zipper bunched up oddly, and the material was both too tight and too loose.
j.crew navy schoolboy blazer // tried this on in the store and while the fit was great, the material felt rather cheap and flimsy; it creased immediately.

spring closet cleanout /
newly listed at the shop:
will be updating with some more items soon.
how is your wardrobe planning coming along? any recs for good no-show ankle socks?

update: a reader asked about the heels Emmanuelle Alt is wearing – i think they're Valentino (i've seen her wear similar ones here and here in other street style photos).

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  1. I so enjoy your blog! you've found another like-minded reader. after a new closet installation, currently in the selling/consigning phase of wardrobe planning. it's a lesson in letting go!

    my favorite no-show ankle socks are by feetures. their quarter sock is my preference for workouts.

    if you find Emanuelle Alt's ankle strap kitten heel from the above photo, please let me know :-)

  2. I so enjoy your blog! you've found another like-minded reader. following a new closet installation, currently in resell/goodwill mode of wardrobe planning...sharing treasures.

    my favorite no-show ankle sock is by feetures, their quarter style is my go-to for workouts.

    if you happen to determine ankle strap kitten heel that Emanuelle Alt is wearing in the above photo, please let me know :-)

  3. Love when you do these posts! For any other readers looking for high waisted ankle length pants, Urban Outfitters actually does a pretty good pair in black and denim and you can choose the length if you don't want them to hit at your ankle. Mine have actually held up pretty well considering the price point.

    And Vans does no-show ankle socks that are pretty good.

  4. Great post! So many great items listed here! I have 2 of the everlane sweatshirts and love them. Will have to def try the short sleeve versions but unfortunately they're sold out in XS till next month.

    A few fit questions: did you find you had to go against everlane's size chart with the Ryan tank? In other words, did you have to size down from the size the chart indicated would be your correct size? Would like to try one of these as a grey tank is such a necessity! Also, Re: Madewell jeans, had been eyeing what I think are the same pair on Madewell's site -- but in all the comments people say size down at least one size. Did you find this to be necessary with this pair?

    Love the Nike's in black, going to check those out too. Look forward to hearing what pair of black slouchy pants you find, I am in the market for some in linen for the summer months, as well as a comfy black maxi skirt or, even better, dress. If you happen to come across the latter, please do a post on it! Oh - and I got the H+M sweatpants, can't wait to see how they work for me. They look super comfy and yet keep one from sinking into that sweatpant look (a common sin where I happen to live).

    Thanks for a great post!!!!

    1. thanks Aurora! i found the ryan styles to just run large in general. the XS ryan tank is the perfect combo of slouch and fit.

      as for the MW jeans yes i think sizing down is right - i'm usually a 25/26 depending on the brand and i took a 25 in them. hope this helps!

    2. I had actually one more question -- what's the deal with the sizing on the H+M sweatpants, do you have them? I ordered them in a small and they were huge. Assuming the XS might work but just curious about your sizing experience. H+Ms size charts I find to be totally off. Thanks!

  5. great post! I like the kitten heel idea, a bit more dressier than flats but also very simple and comfortable. hope you enjoy Japan!

    1. thanks Nanashi - also if you have any travel tips, please let me know :) hope you're well!

  6. I hope this isn't inappropriate, but do you mind sharing your measurements? I'm in the process of ordering a couple of tops from Everlane (The Women's V and Ryan Tank) and I want to know if they small/large and if the size guide on the site is accurate. Thanks!

    1. hi Maryam - i have sizing notes and lookbook pics on my essentials tab. FYI i take a S for a slightly slouchy fit in the women's V tee. hope this helps :)

      otherwise the EL customer service folks are pretty good with fit questions too.

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  8. I tried the Ryan s/s in XS as well and they were huge and not too flattering. I have gotten the Ryan long sleeve T recently and LOVE them. A bit smaller and much more flattering. I put in a second order and when I receive, I'll, have it in black, gray and white. For plane travel - nothing better!

  9. I love that photo too!
    At the moment, I have no real plans to buy more for my wardrobe. Want to get more wear out of my saris as the weather warms up. I recently splurged on a Lotuff zipper satchel, that I think will work well with my Indian clothing - my duffels just didn't look right.
    Other than that, I am entertaining vague thoughts of getting a pair of jeans (straight leg, little to no stretch) or a pair of cotton trousers, and perhaps a delicate gold necklace.

    1. Oh lucky you! I have been stalking the Lotuff zipper satchel now for over a year - last month, I went with the small tote with shoulder strap, and the quality is out of this world. It feels like it will last a lifetime, and it's the perfect size. I felt like the tote filled a hole in my bag "wardrobe" more than the satchel did, but it's next on my list.

  10. Such an inspiring post! I was contemplating the Zara bow kitten pumps. It's been awhile since I wore this kind of shoes, preferring high heeled boots or flats but the mid heel trend is creeping up on me. I think I'll stop by Zara on lunch break! ;)) Haha!
    So far, spring planning has been about bringing back from storage and sorting out older clothes. No major buys yet. I got a new trench last fall which is one of the most important piece for me in this season though a linen jacket is on my eventual purchase list. I wouldn't mind adding a couple of dresses or skirts and a striped sweater to the mix but that's about it.

  11. Perfect, you only need to add an extra t-shirt, a leather jacket or some other form of outerwear and a pair of sneakers and you're good to go :) I'm in a process of making over my wardrobe totally, so I have to make do with very few items for a long time, and this would be a great capsule wardrobe for a Northern European spring and summer!

  12. Two things: Love this post, and thank you for sharing with us. You have taught me how to be a smarter shopper!

    Also: I lived in Japan for 3 years, and studied 4 months in Tokyo. I highly recommend you visit Shimokitazawa. Just, get off at the stop and wander around! I think you will love it!

  13. That photo = perfection.

    I can't wait for the weather to warm up at last. I'm so ready!

  14. I live in no-show low-rise socks! I've found the ones from Target are pretty good.

  15. I have a new approach to wardrobe planning this year. At the beginning of the year I made a list of "ultimates", stuff that I've been wanting for a long time (even for years...) and I plan on only buying this on that list. It's been working so well so far, whenever I see something I want, I stop myself if it's not on the list. I figure if I'm still thinking about it I can add it to next year's "ultimates list." I've crossed off four so far - a pale blue button-down shirt, a chunky knit (Isabel Marant), Chloe Susanna boots which I found 60% off at Bergdorf's clearance sale, and patent leather Louboutin Pigalle 85s which I found super cheap (relatively) on eBay. There's only one item left on this year's list (I've already started next year's though...), so I'm hoping I stay strong for the rest of the year! But I'm surprised at how well I'm doing, I've had no impulse purchases this year at all, something I struggled with last year (did a lot of "stress shopping").


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