essentials: the best summer / travel bags

the effortlessly lovely Liu Wen

every summer, a kind of seasonal minimalism takes over. hot weather has a funny way of inspiring simplification, and i find myself liking everything lighter and unfettered this time of year.

a great summer bag is all about form, function, and preferably hands-free wear. there are more stylishly utilitarian handbag options nowadays, which is certainly good news for those of us who don't want to sacrifice style for pragmatism.

the essential summer + travel bags:

i had a feeling when i got my trio crossbody last year that it would be a wardrobe game-changer. it has since proven to be one of the best, most useful purchases i've ever made (so much so, that i have it in two colors). i'm pretty excited about the stylish fanny pack option, because we can all take a page from Rick Steves and rock out secure and hands-free on day trips and summer getaways.

P.S.: this super cute bike bag is on major sale right now.

do you tend to carry bigger or smaller bags in the summer?


  1. that bike bag is cute, indeed. :)

    1. i had not considered the idea of a bike bag before, but it's genius! :)

  2. I have the EVERLANE Weekender in reverse denim and the only thing that could make it better is a long strap! It's perfect for road trips, but doesn't work for air travel...at least not without a roller cart.


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