currently // November

current mood // loungey in the pre-holiday calm.
current favorites // my EF cobra slides – took about a week to break them in, and are now super comfy, i sized down to a 36 (i'm usually 6.5/37). my newbark slip-ons scored on major sale. 
currently wishlisting // these amazing midi boots just marked down.
currently reading // Laurie Colwin everything (how did it take me so long to discover her writing??)
currently listening // Serial. so. addictively. good. 
currently making // preparing to brine and roast my first turkey. combining the wisdom of Alton Brown and Ina Garten, wish me luck!

what's current for you?


  1. How do the Newbark shoes fit? I've been wanting a pair from them for a couple of years now but hesitate because I have a narrow heel....
    Current: my new MELT cashmere scarf from the Line (everything from them is perfect) and lots of roasting (meat, squash, etc)

    1. Caille - i am with you on roasting everything. 'tis the season!

      this is my first pair of Newbarks and i find them to fit narrow, which is great news for me as a lot of shoes tend to slip on my heels. so sounds like they'd work well for you! sometimes different styles fit differently, so i'd double check too. :)

  2. Laurie Colwin has been one of my favorite writers forever. Are you reading her fiction, or her nonfiction? Both are wonderful.

    1. i'm starting with her fiction, but i'm sure i'll be reading everything of hers soon!

  3. Just started listening to Serial and I'm already obsessed!

    Jess xx



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