wardrobe planning: winter/spring 2015

wardrobe planning this season is about buying for the long term, clean lines, and a nuanced approach to color and texture.

on the list:

1. a midweight breton shirt // completely essential for winter into spring.
2. black and white box tees // the cropped length makes for a great silhouette. adding a few more of these to freshen up my basics stash.
3. a fun fashion sweatshirt // can't resist a tongue-in-cheek sweatshirt to add to my collection, especially on sale :)

4. a lightweight tailored down jacket // warm enough to wear alone, but light enough to layer. bonus: very travel friendly!
5. a sculptural long coat // really feeling a light grey coat this season with a soft, clean line.

6. the casual leather slip-ons // an early purchase from last month – all day comfy and so easy to wear. reviewed here.

7. an oversized cozy infinity scarf // been thinking about getting one for several seasons now. love the blush neutral + this one is gorgeous and well made.
8. a minimal leather clutch // simple, stylish, smart.
9. a lucky gold bracelet // something to wear everyday.

*10. a sale gem or special vintage find // to be discovered :)

thoughts on the season:
  • inspirations: Christophe Lemaire and The Row's artful proportions and textures.
  • mood colors: navy, blush pink, grays.
P.S.: the new year closet edit continues at the shop >> HOPE Stockholm et al.

what's on your list this season?


  1. I recommend Patagonia down sweaters, great deals on line, great quality from a great company. I like the grey colours. I also like the very light and superwarn nanopuff jackets but not everyone likes the quilting. I am a huge fan of the light weight as a frequent traveler. While I love Uniqlo for kids and men undershirts, for women, I have only liked a few items so far.

    1. I just got a down sweater from Patagonia! I can layer it under a motorcycle jacket when its very chilly or wear on its own.. I have a Uniqlo ultra light down vest which is nice- but patagonia really does stand apart!

  2. My mood colors are the same as yours! Really feeling blush pink and navy this spring. I hope I can find some nice blush pinks to add to my closet since I am sorely lacking. Looking forward to seeing everything you pick up. :)

    xo Kimi

    1. Kimi - i'm usually not a pink person but something about a very nice light pink is calling me this season :)

  3. love this! i need to start planning my spring wardrobe, but I know for sure that infinity scarves will be a huge part of it! They're such a great layering piece!

  4. Just bought that clutch (but navy with white spots). It is delightful!

    1. love that colorway (and her new prints each season)!

  5. OHH I love this! I absolutely need to do some closet planning. For spring I don't have a lot on my list but a pair of open flats and sandals, accessory wise I'd like a gold bracelet. No clothes! lol. Love your blog.

    1. thanks O! sandal season seems sooo far away right now...

  6. Blush pink is such a flattering colour - your post reminds me to dig out my Brooks Brothers shirts in blush and light blue.
    I just picked up two pairs of straight leg jeans with selvedge - one to wear cuffed and the other straight down. Both made in Delhi by a new boutique label called Korra. Loving them so far - they work really well with my Carven coat and Varas.
    Other than that, my plans for my closet are to add a few one of a kind items made in Nepal and India. Maybe some jewelry, maybe a few saris. Still mulling it over.

    1. Ammu - it's def my new color obsession lately...and i feel like i want to do an updated wardrobe interview with you! :)

  7. i've lost count of the snowstorms already. ha! i hope you get to keep at least a few of your recent purchases ;)

  8. Stripes are a MUST for me because they never fail to put a smile on my face! I just ordered a VINCE charcoal grey striped tee, a black Jones NY wrap cardi, several stretchy Gap white tanks to layer under sweaters, etc, the navy cotton J Crew fisherman's knit sweater I've been dying for, NYDJ Alina black skinny jeans, and I'm really craving a pair of The Palatines slip-on leather shoes.


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