TGIF // 3.6

"Sometimes, people think aesthetics are superficial. But I think they can be deep. I love the atmosphere and the visuals. So, I do what I love. Some people connect with it, and others don’t. It reminds me of something Anjelica told me in my 20s: 'Not everyone is going to like you.' It saved me years of disappointment."
–Sofia Coppola, in conversation with Anjelica Huston and Philip Galanes
(read the rest of the interview here)

amen to that! and other things of note / inspiration...

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here's hoping that Daylight Savings will mean an end to all this snow! what are you up to this weekend? 


  1. Thank you for sharing that Sofia Coppola, Angelica Huston piece.
    I am spending my weekend cooking, eating, meeting friends. Spring has finally smiled on us and I am going to buy a few mats for the garden so I can spend weekend afternoons in the sun.

  2. I love that "Boss Women: Anna Wintour" profile! Totally perfect for International Women's Day. I love what she says about being decisive and how that makes live easier for people who work for her - that's such an underrated quality I feel.

    Sigh, I had to work today. But not before me and my friends had the most delicious affogato during lunch! Small pleasures.

    1. you know the one thing i really respect about AW is that she is unapologetically not interested in being "loved" by everyone.

  3. That's a beautiful photograph. I struggle with wanting to please everyone. This is a good reminder to focus on health and well-being from the inside out.

  4. Not related to anything you've included here, but I hope you'll do a review of the new Everlane pants!


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