wardrobe planning: spring 2016

goodbye, mild but draggy winter. hello, sunny days ahead!

finally getting energized for spring after a rather long stretch of style hibernation. spring feels shorter and shorter every year, but i'm determined to get the most out of jacket weather regardless. what's on the roster? there isn't a terribly long list of wants vs needs, the main objective is to replace some worn-out staples and add a few elements of 'new' to the collection.

on the list:
clean skinny jeans – having just completed a much needed spring-cleaning of my denim stash, on the list is a pair of basic indigo jeans. Madewell has been acing the denim game the past few years, and this season their 8" skinnies are right on – great material, not too skinny (the cut is more of a cigarette leg vs a legging), true to size.
white linen blazer – this is one of those items that has been on a wp list for so many seasons now that it's become kind of a running joke. the search continues...
peony silk blouse – really feeling a blush pink for the season, and this option from everlane is just lovely.
zara camo jacket – versatile always, and to me this is the s/s version of a great neutral print.
adidas slides – i need to replace a pair of worn-out house slippers, and these are solid enough for quick errands around the block too.
newbark leather slide sandals – ...the chic leather versions of the above. i'm planning on doing many a brunch and farmer's market run in these.
birkenstock arizonas – a classic – everyone should have a pair of these. PS: check out the New Yorker's profile of the humble birk.

stan smiths (more sizes at adidas online) – wearing these all the time. the fit and leather on these stans are way better for some reason than my previous pair of superstars, which fit rather wide.
mini pashli bag in red – you know how some styles are just ideal for your lifestyle? in my case it's the compact crossbody bag. this will be handy for summer and travel, and the red + silver hardware is fun and gorgeous.

Keri Russell /the lady's got style! i love how she never looks too 'done' and has stayed true to yet also evolved a consistent look since her Felicity days.
apartment therapy /i could spend days clicking around in the infinitely inspiring and resource-filled world of AT and the kitchn. so many great ideas for maximizing style with pragmatism for everyday living.

what's on your wishlist this season?


  1. I love Madewell's denim too, but I just can't get it right with their dark denim. The black fades so quickly, even with special care. Any tips on where to find a great pair of black skinnies that are more colorfast?

    1. Hi Meghan, I discovered Rag & Bone jeans through this blog, so I'm sure miss sophie will agree that their black skinnies are amazing! I've had mine for almost three years and aside from some very light wear on the back pockets, they are as black as when I bought them. I also have a pair of Current Elliot that have proved to be quite colorfast as well. Hope that helps :)

    2. i second everything Tammy said above :)

    3. Thanks all for the great recommendations! Can't wait to refresh my jean assortment...

  2. I plan on buying a pair of citizens of humanity boyfriend jeans and rag and bone black skinny jeans. I spent the last couple of years buying cheeeeeeap pants and I think I need to just buy some good pairs that will hopefully last longer.

    I just ordered two striped crewneck slim tees (one red, one blue) from Everlane.

    And I was a little naughty today and purchased two trendy bags; both backpacks. A Longchamp lepliage backpack and a Louis Vuitton Palm Spring Mini backpack. But I'm pretty sure both will be used to death.

    I am otherwise in academia and have the summers off. My uniform has been the same for the past three summers: a tee, denim shorts, birks, raybans, and a small crossbody.

    Love the Adidas slides and the mini Pashli!

    1. Julie, i hear you on the good jeans front. maybe i'll do an updated post on that soon.

      the adidas slides are some weird nostalgia thing for me, but hey. they're practical and comfy!

      any purchase that's a splurge but will be used all the time is an excellent thing in my book! love your off-duty academic look ;)

  3. Those Adidas slides are so nostalgic for me, I wore them all through college in my dorm, lol! I was never so lazy as to wear them to class though, thank goodness.

    I'm in a bit of a conundrum because I love flat sandals but I walk everywhere all the time and they just wear out so quickly, and it's near impossible to find decent mid-heel sandals. They're either flat or 4" stilettos, it seems.

    RE: colorfast jeans, I always wash my colored clothes with detergent that specifically preserves dark colors. Woolite and Tide make good ones, but sometimes they're difficult to find, but they seem to work, none of my clothes have faded.

    1. yes! Woolite black is my go to for dark denim.

    2. Woolite erodes your clothes over time, it's like bleach. The trick to preserving the color of dark denim is to wash your jeans for the first time with one cup of white vinegar.

  4. I've been really inspired by Alexa Chung's playful style of late. It's a nice departure from the minimalist monochrome of the winter months, and there's nothing like a mini skirt to herald the arrival of spring (don't we all wish we could have her coltish legs though!). I'd love to see how you style your Stan Smiths. I've been hesitant to jump on the white sneakers trend because 1) I have big feet and 2) it's on the verge of overexposure on Pinterest and style blogs. But I just can't deny that casual, cool-girl chic...

  5. I snagged a pair of Charlotte Stone slides for $35! Next on my list, a kimono, a new pair of Paige jeans in a washed black, a small bucket or pouch style bag, and I just bought a white linen v-neck tee from J Crew.

  6. Speaking of Kerri Russell, do you watch The Americans? She is brilliant in it!

    PS: I know my comment wasn't necessarily on topic but the show is sooooo good, and she is fantastic in it. Plus, the show needs more people to watch it, so here we are.

    And back on topic. I'm currently eyeing Everlane's new striped tees. The boxy ones, in particular, are calling out my name.

    1. i am deep into the current season on The Americans! KR is fantastic.


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