in black & white

ok so i'm just a bit obsessed with my awesome oak long sleeve terry wrap. though it's not really a wrap so much as a hybrid wrap-cardigan-sweatshirt thing. we need a new sartorial term for this ingenious wardrobe piece. any suggestions?
club monaco tee, oak l/s terry wrap, mm6 martin margiela skinny jeans, hope nude pumps


  1. How thick is it? I suppose it couldn't work for travel in SE Asia, but I'm wondering how it could stand up to cooler climates in Asia, like HK ...

  2. jocy - the sleeves are a thin/fine-ribbed cotton, and the body is made of a midweight terry sweatshirt. the whole thing is 100% cotton which means you can throw it in the wash. granted, it's probably too warm for tropical SE asian temps, but maybe HK when it's not too humid would work. it's a great throw-it-on piece, and if nothing else it'll definitely come in handy when you're in the HK airport! ;)

  3. I have a grey 'thing' similar to that, I've always been kind of confused about what exactly to call it. It's so comfy, I wearing it all the time around the house, no matter what else I happen to be wearing.

  4. that cardigan/wrap is amazing. i love the shape, so chic yet comfortable!


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