the minimalist

image via kai jünemann

these photos of charlotte gainsbourg are so inspiring, no? i love that she eschews make-up (or, is very minimalist about it) and always looks comfortable, always like herself. work has been a bit stressful these days, so i've been in a basics kind of mood. also, spring cleaning has me thinking about ways to edit out the excess to get as close to my ideal wardrobe as possible. the result? a bit of layering and a slouchy silhouette...

AA tee, locket necklace, j brand skinnies, j.crew hoodie, gap jacket, 
golden goose charlye boots


  1. i love charlotte gainsbourg!
    im going to her concert next week and am so excited. i dunno what to wear >.<

  2. I love her, and the new ad campaign by Balenciaga for the fragrance--I really like the styling they did for that project.

    Nice styling for the golden goose boots! I was combining them with second hand military jacket during the winter along with the sass and bide skinny.

  3. caroline - you should wear something by APC ;)

    nanashi - i see that stylish minds think alike :)

  4. I love this outfit! And I have the same Golden Goose boots. I wear them every single day in the colder months.


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