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six items or less founder tamsin davies and her minimalist picks - more photos here

i just read this article on the NY Times about a web/blog challenge called 'six items or less'. i think the idea is absolutely brilliant, as i and many other fashion bloggers have posted about ways in which we try to edit down our wardrobe, cut out impulse shopping, and really try to refine a personal style that transcends seasonal trends.

i am intrigued and really want to do the 'shopping diet' experiment for a month as a conscientious daily regimen to supplement my ongoing closet-editing on laws of general economy. since we have a wonderful community of commenters and fellow bloggers here, i am also very interested in what your thoughts are on this experiment. perhaps we can start a small viral community of '6 items or less' bloggers for a month?

what is 'fashion' to you on a daily basis? what is your current shopping modus operandi? my efforts to scale back and refine my consumption habits and sartorial purchases in the past few years can be characterized as efforts to rationalize what is essentially an irrational desire: the love of beautiful clothing and the thrill of discovering 'the new'. do let me know what you think!


  1. Wow this is a fantastic exercise, I do admit I do kinda purchase quite a bit after I have discovered internet shopping, but in the recent month I have not bought anything at all, not even through our big end of financial year sale!!!.

    Fashion for me on a daily basis is really just Jeans and Converse, I could wear them every day for 5 days. All the extra dresses and accessories i got are really just for dinners or parties...

    I have cut down a lot of purchases already, I have learnt to purchase classical items only, before i decide to press that purchase button or hand over my credit card I will think if i can make 4 outfits out of that item with my current wardrobe then i will purchase it, if not I rather just leave it :)

  2. Right before I checked into your site, I *just* updated my status about this exact article/video. CRAZY! It's a really great concept about cutting the fat from your closet. I call it the Master Cleanse for your closet.

    As I've gotten older, I've realized what I really love and treasure and get rid of what is only so-so. That saying that you only wear 20% of your closet 80% of the time is so true, and in the past few months I've sold on LOGE, donated items, and it felt great! Now I'm really trying to make a list of the big essentials and buying long-lasting quality items so there is no regret about the price tag!

    Alas, much as they say that homes take time to be decorated and that you can't "do it all at once," I've come to understand the same about my closet.

    I don't have a style blog (though I do have a blog for my side gig), I may be up for this dieter's challenge. Though in San Francisco, it could be SUPER risky! I pulled out my shearling boots and wool sweaters last week it was so freezing. "Summer" it is not, here.

    Thanks for posting!

  3. genevieve - i'm with you on the 80/20 wardrobe split. and even though it's been a process of trial and error these past few years with me trying to find my style, i think overall it's so much more worth it in the long run than relying on fast-fashion every season!

    several articles have mentioned this (jezebel did in their latest post on this), but have you considered making an excel sheet of what you have and 'want' vs 'need'? it sounds overly mechanical, but i've found making a straight-up inventory of your clothes can be helpful to really get a sense of what's missing and what's clogging up your closet :)

  4. i am in love with this idea and have been steadily working toward cutting the excess from my wardrobe as well. i have sold and donated and passed on/down/up to friends and family any and all items that i do not get much wear out of. and i STILL have a full closet. part of my problem, i think, is having far too much sentimental value attached to items i probably should just dump.

    what i have learned to do is restrict my impulse buys. i ask myself ALWAYS 'will i wear this next year? next month? next season?' and if i cannot firmly answer 'yes', i leave the item behind. it sucks. i have seen so many beautiful, wonderful 'must haves' that i've walked away from and truly, this has become rather problematic because i seemed to have edited too much when it came to getting new purchases! the up side is that i have (had, ahem) more money in my wallet. just went to c21 and purchased a bunch of new staples. trying to rationalize my bill was less difficult because i knew i needed these items and was filling a serious hole in my closet. in my head, the want vs need inventory is pretty set, but i think i would DEFINITELY benefit from having an excel sheet. i love lists. :)

    thanks for sharing!

  5. @ pennerad: i think this is why online shopping is easier than store shopping when it comes to discerning what is/isn't an impulse buy. i mean, there's nothing quite like 'virtual shopping' when you're coveting something that you *know* you shouldn't be buying and just leaving it in the online shopping cart and walking away ;) i think the thing about basics is figuring out what REALLY are the *basics* for you and figuring out what brand/store makes the best quality-for-the-price versions of them, and stocking up when they're on sale.


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