new year's resolution #283: wear leather pants all the time.

ok, so maybe not all the time, but i'm taking my ASOS leather pants out of their slightly wild and sartorially dubious context and treating them like jeans. this, by the way, is how i want to dress 99% of the time, give or take my leather jacket and a tee. i feel empowered when i walk out the door in this. if i had a superhero costume, this would be it. you could even say that the bottom half of this veers ever so slightly to Catwoman territory, so there's that precedent already. but this is what i like and how i like it.

what's your favorite 'uniform'/look/piece-that-you-can't-stop-wearing right now?

equipment silk shirt, ASOS skinny leather pants, vintage locket, corso como boots, dunlin bag


  1. Gorgeous. Particularly the mix of silk, vintage gold locket, and leather. I too would dress like that, were I 26, and longer-legged. At least my imaginary 26-year old self would.

  2. lisa - no need to let the imagination have all the fun - i vote for wearing what you want, with conviction and without regard to age! :)

    grechen - thanks! it's almost a cliche that after years of inspiration and fashion and whatnot, this is really what i end up coming back to. such an empowering feeling.

  3. Awesome - you manage to make leather pants look understated, something I didn't think was possible. Such a good outfit.

    I need to give my black cigarette pants a break. I've had them for 4 years now, and wear them at least once a week, but recently I've upped the frequency. They make all my other trousers seem redundant.

  4. lin - haha, thanks :) i i'm so happy i found well-cut leather pants that also did not break the bank (these were $130ish on sale from ASOS!). it's not often the case that you're obessively looking for something and then you find it in your size on discount. i'd take your fave cigarette trousers to a good tailor and get them copied. i'm always a little worried that a favorite and beloved piece will fall apart and i won't be able to find another. yet another reason why i need my own bespoke tailor/dressmaker...sigh.

  5. So envious how good these leather pants look on you - I've ordered them but unfortunately they didn't fit me at all too wide/narrow in all the wrong places...still looking for an affordable alternative to try out wearing leather pants. How do you like your Equipment shirt? I'm torn between ordering from them or Sykes.

  6. I would love my own bespoke tailor..what a dream! Also loving your look and this blog, which I have just stumbled across!x


  7. Oah thats great ... i understand what u mean! Need to think bout my superhero-costume .. wont be hard to choose ;)



  8. Sog19b - sorry yours didn't work out. it's tricky as there are leather and *stretch lambskin* pants/leggings. obviously the stretch leather leggings/pants would fit the best, but leather pants do stretch out with wear as well. ASOS has a good selection of house label and other brands, though i notice that they do sell out quickly. i think Club Monaco also has them this season. hope you can find a great pair with the post-holiday sales.

    i love my Equipment shirt - it's the perfect slouchy/tailored fit and if you're in the US and order them from Revolve, you can get a 15% off promo code for a bit of a discount. i think it comes down to if you like the pocket detailing (i do) on the Equipment vs the more spare Sykes design. both are gorgeous! let me know if you get one :)

    milly - thanks for the sweet comment!

    G - i think every woman needs a 'superhero costume' aka a failsafe outfit that she feels confident and chic in! do share yours :)

  9. Great outfit! You're rocking the leather pants!

    The Equipment shirt looks great and now I'm tempted (been looking at them when they go on sale but the ones that remain in the sale bin is . . . well, what remains). I'm also somewhat graduating from the Steven Alan shirts (though I still love them) so I'm looking for something a bit more grown up-ish.

    I like wearing tailored black jacket paired with super wide Yohji pants and playing with the contrast of structure and dramatic drape. i think that will be my signature style once I get to collect a few more of the Yohji.

  10. nanashi - i'm wearing the equipment signature shirt here, in an XS. the 'signature' shirts are rather oversized (i tried on a S and it was massive and way too long), but the silk and quality is pretty great. as i mentioned to another commenter, revolveclothing has a good selection, and i used a 15% off code, it's not a significant discount, but better than paying full retail + NYC sales tax.

    i totally agree with you on the SA shirts. i've gotten a nice small pile of them from various sample sales/Outpost, but have stopped buying more as it would be redundant. they're still great to throw on for everyday or weekend layering or travel, but i'm glad i found a more sophisticated wardrobe staple in the Equipment silk shirt for dressing up/down.

    i think your yohji pieces with maybe an equipment shirt sounds amazing. do keep posting on how your signature style evolves :)

  11. Sophie- how sheer is the equipment blouse? Is it not safe for work shirt? I love the cut from pics but wondering if I would only get weekend wear use.

  12. jean - it's not that sheer. this is in the 'nature white' color, which is a nice eggshell/off-white. i tried on the 'bright white' version but that was more sheer and the white was much more harsh. so no need to layer a cami underneath at all and i think it should work well for both work/weekend :) let me know if you get one!

  13. This outfit is just perfect- I wish I could pull off leather pants like that.

  14. Hello Sophie, I got the Equipment blouse & blogged about it. Quoted your gorgeous outfit post here, hope u don't mind.


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