vintage travel chic

unearthed this vintage photo of Audrey Hepburn at the airport... i think the image is such a great contrast to the celeb 'airport style' images we're used to seeing these days. i love how tiny her handbag is (an LV speedy 25 or 30??) - such small handbags for day are such a rarity these days. do women dress like this anymore when they're traveling?  i don't think i could fit all that i need as a carry-on when traveling, but i love this image as a point of inspiration for for what it means to fuse elegance with practicality.


  1. yeah...i suppose there was a romance to travel back in the day. i don't think i'll wear kitten heels to the airport myself these days, but still something to be said for looking put together yet comfy at the airport, no?

  2. I actually really like the look of the Speedy - I used to dislike it because it's associated with a very specific kind of girl where I come from (office lady-type girls who are brand conscious and like status-y things).

    I would dress better when I take a train. On a plane and at airports, it's survival mode: comfort and utility rules!

    Btw, I thought you might like this, though they are not Sorels - http://tomboystyle.blogspot.com/2011/01/gear-bean-boots.html

  3. Wow.
    The best thing is that this is an outfit one could wear today while traveling and not look like one is in costume.

    This is making me consider obtaining a small, doctor-bag.

    Also, I just posted the first outfit for the I6L styling challenge.

    What do you think?


    -La Copine

  4. lin - i totally agree with you! think of it this way: it's not the bag's fault that people abuse and misuse the monogram style :P but yes, i think the simplicity of the top-zip duffle/doctor bag is very chic and classic. but you're right about trains vs. airports. with all the security checks and realities of air travel these days the romance of travel is really at an all-time low!

    mari - small speedy-esque bags are pretty great! there are a lot of great vintage ones you can find through etsy or ebay too. and i LOVE your first outfit for the 6IL challenge! that white buttondown is amazing...can't wait to see what you style for day 2 :)

  5. did you know LV created the speedy 25 for audrey???

    love her!

  6. sami - ah, i didn't know that! it's so funny how we forget the history of iconic pieces. i think there are still ways to wear an LV speedy with understated chic...in spite of the over-exposure of monogram bags in the past decade!


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