february inspiration board

the one and only Sofia Coppola.
images via listal


  1. She is always inspiring. Love the ease with which she dresses.

  2. I never say no to a bit of Sofia inspiration! She dresses down so well.

  3. Perfection!


  4. love the subtle make up transition she makes for formal events (she only so slightly emphasizes her eyes with liners than usual). she is someone who is at ease with her own sense of style.

  5. Sofia is elegant in an individualistic way. I wouldn't say her style is casual, but it is unfussy and always-- I can't think of another word for it-- neat. She never looks sloppy, or overdone, or dressed from the celebrity cookie-cutter. It's almost an old-fashioned attitude, in the best possible way.

  6. jennifer, ammu, lin & alexandra: i am totally not a celebrity style person, but i am just a little bit obsessed with SC ever since i rediscovered her style when her LV collab collection came out. since then she is my absolute favorite contemporary style inspiration.

    nanashi: yes! i love that she bucks the glossy Hollywood trends and just wears what she's comfortable in. and so refreshing that she doesn't cake on the makeup and lets her own unique beauty shine through.

    veuve: i think you put it wonderfully - it's an unpretentious, quiet elegance that i really aspire to and get so much inspiration from...i agree that there's something old-fashioned about it. we live in such an over-branded, glitterized age, and the quiet elegance is another reason why i love SC's Vuitton collaboration bags.


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