a pop of color

we've been having a particularly brutal winter here, so i'm adding a pop of color to cheer things up (and ring in the start of fashion week!). ever since i got the isabel marant boots, i've also been particularly interested in rolling up my jeans to show some ankle. it's an easy way to change up the silhouette and i have a feeling i'll be doing this a lot come spring.

what is your style tweak as of late? and what are your go-to pieces right now?

club monaco striped tee, yaya aflalo leather jacket, current/elliott jeans, HOPE stockholm ankle boots, vintage Coach kelly bag


  1. I like your outfit. so simple yet chic.
    the jeans are great!is it The Skinny style?

  2. i like how your jacket reminds me of owen's piece.

  3. Oh gosh, I'm totally with you on the pop of color! And rolling up my jeans. I actually did it today for the first time since before we got all the snow. And I went shopping (unsuccessful. no purchases) in search of color. But oh my! The stores are rolling out the spring collections and I can't wait for it to warm up! So far a favorite item on my "to buy" list is a tsumori chisato pant in a crazy black and white horizontal wavy stripe print. The shop owner nudged me to try it and I was convinced that it will make me look 30 pounds heavier, but it looks absolutely amazing.

  4. LOVE that color bag. I am such a sucker for vintage Coach. I also have been doing the jean-roll lately!

  5. Love the bag! Is this from that easy seller you mentioned a little while back?

    I covet your yaya jacket every time you wear it... But there's not a lot of call for leather jackets where I live unfortunately so can't really justify looking for one. Great buy tho! :)

  6. I'm a huge fan of cuffed jeans. It's the only way I wear them, actually. I don't know if this counts as much of a style tweak, but I have been wearing the NARS schiap lipstick out in public more often these days. It's really bright, but makes my overall look seem a bit more dressed up (or crazy), I think.

  7. The bag completes this outfit beautifully - love it.
    I think this is how I will embrace the colour trend too, with a perfect dash or pop of it here and there! x

  8. great pop of color!! love the boxy shape of the bag, adds a nice touch to the overall look!

  9. I love your jeans! PS, I've added you to my blogroll :)

  10. giraffe: thanks! the jeans are 'the roller' style by c/e. they're great - my favorite slouchy skinny jean.

    pret a porter p & divinitus: the leather jacket is basically my all-time favorite piece of clothing. it's gotten to the point where i think it has some superhero powers! :D and yeah, maybe someday i can actually score a Rick Owens leather jacket...as for the vintage Coach kelly, i'm still trying to figure out what the deal is with this one. the creed stamped inside says it was "handcrafted in Italy", which sounds pretty cool, and just slightly mysterious for Coach!

    NG & Julie: isn't it great to roll up your jeans? i actually find it to be a neat slimming trick when you pair it with the right shoe/ankle boot. i've crushed on a few tsumori pieces that were all wildly unaffordable. her designs are so fantastically unique! there are a lot of similar styles out there now of this kind of leather jacket by Vince and other labels. let me know if you get inspired and perhaps get one! :)

    jennifer: ooh! fun would love to see some pics on your blog of you rocking the hot pink Nars with your Celine bag ;)

    olivia: thanks! :) i realized that i don't have anything in this pale mustardy color in my closet, so the bag is the perfect addition :)

    nanashi: i never thought i'd want to have anything like a small boxy bag, but i think it's the ideal size for going out at night or quick errands during the day.

    ane sunde: thank you for stopping by my blog! that is very sweet of you!

    beansontoast: yep, the bag is from VintageOriental's etsy shop that i posted about earlier. the leather jacket is actually really versatile because it's not bulky, yet still warm. i end up wearing it like a jacket or cardigan depending on what i layer it with!

  11. I love your jeans. If not for the fact that I have no business buying more jeans, I would all over Current/Elliot by now.

    I love rolling up my jeans - such a simple way to tweak the mood of a look. My favourite tweak for the past year was tucking stuff in, haha.

    My new thing is wearing tops over dresses. It's not really a thing since I only do it with one dress, but there you go :)

  12. Oh, did you get some new Hope boots? Amaz? I finally got the Hope Macy boots, very happy with them. They look fantastic with your c/e jeans. I've been wanting the roller for a while now, but they're not available here, so I'd have to order from Revolve clothing. I'm not sure about the sizes, though. I onle wear J Brad jeans. Would you say that they run true to size?

  13. lin:: tops over dresses is a cool way to add texture! i need to figure out how to do it without adding unnecessary bulk. :)

    garderoben: i did! they were on final sale and they're pretty awesome. i'm completely done with boots. for a LONG time. all my c/e jeans run true to c/e sizing, which means that they run 1 size large compared to J Brand and other designer brands. i can wear a 25 but the 26s are my usual size in J Brands. however, i'm always a 25 in c/e jeans. the c/e rollers are a slouchy skinny fit, so size down 1 from your J Brand to get the 'intended' fit. in general J Brands are my go-to for classic tight jeans, whereas i love c/e for their more slim/slouchy riffs on silhouettes and cuts.

  14. Thanks a lot, that really helps. I was going to get them in black, but they're sold out at Revolve Clothing. I'll have to check other e-shops.


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