lust & found: holiday sales wishlist

two holy grail sales (NAP and shopbop) are going on in full force right now, and here's my holiday sales wishlist...all significantly marked down, and incidentally all quite travel-friendly and off-duty chic.

2. leather skinnies that i've been pining after for ages that just might be within reach thanks to the promos
3. these super rad leather shorts that are way more versatile and easier to wear than a leather mini
5. A.P.C. ankle boots that will give my beloved Marant boots a rest
9. aren't these leather/sequin smoking flats the perfect sparkly alternative to heels?

*p.s.: this cozy padded aubin & wills coat (similar to my Isabel Marant tweedy coat from last year) is on major sale!

what's on your list for the sales right now?


  1. Ooh, I bought that stripe apc knit this morning :)- couldn't believe it actually went on sale considering it's a classic. Doesn't the NAP sale seem a lot earlier this year? I also want the apc navy duffle but it's sold out in a small.

    1. it does! i think retailers are finally realizing there's no point to waiting till after the holidays to give the 'real' discounts :)

  2. I've managed to pick up a v-neck navy merino sweater, a new swimsuit, gloves and some new pajamas, all very much needed! The sales have definitely been good to me - even if I am buying for a season which is six months off.

    It's the best feeling when you wait for a long time, only to pick up that item on sale isn't it :)

  3. I have not looked.... dying to, but sadly the finances do not allow it. I am going to cull and sell a few things on ebay and then I will look!
    I love your choices but I say wear the IMs to death! That's what I am doing (having maintained with topy though) :)

  4. You know, I had completely forgotten that the sales had even started, but come to think of it my city is keeping all stores open 'till 1am today to kick off Christmas shopping season. I've done enough shopping for me this year, but I still have most of my Christmas shopping left to do. Fortunately I know what I'm getting for almost everyone on my list :)

  5. Great choices! Now just to wait for the UK sale to start!


  6. Any feedback on how comfortable the Matt Bernson boots are? Refinery 29 has a voucher deal for them right now too...


  7. I have had my eye on those A.P.C. boots since the day they came out! Waiting for the A.P.C. sale that usually starts Dec 16th...they have a ton in stock still...If you did buy them, do they run true to size/are they comfortable??

    Thanks! kim

  8. The Matt Bernson boots really are the best Marant-esque boot I've seen. I second getting them so you don't wear out your IMs. I think being able to rotate your favorite things is key to building the perfect wardrobe.

    PS- I adore Ginette’s shop. Such delicate pieces and nice staff.


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