essentials: the kitten heel slingbacks

i've been crushing on these Audrey Hepburn chic slingbacks for ages. like all great essential shoes, they're beautiful yet comfy, and stylish for work, weekend, and everything in between. (also perfect as back-up shoes to stash in your bag!)
currently, they (and all Emerson full-priced shoes) are 50% off with code CUPOFJO50 (make sure to use all caps, or the promo won't work).

what do you think? let me know if you get anything from the sale! :)

P.S.: more summer sale gems here.

update: see my review here!


  1. I admire the gracefulness of these shoes (very Audrey-esque), but they're not for me personally. My feet stubbornly slip out of slingbacks (a problem I've had since childhood). I actually have a pair of Jimmy Choo kitten heel slingbacks that I've been trying to sell, but so far no one has shown interest. Which is such a shame because the shoes are gorgeous and in great condition!

  2. Thanks for posting the sale code -- I clicked right over to Emerson's website and made a purchase. I was torn between two pairs but ultimately went with the black leather smoking shoe because it was such an interesting take on a timeless classic. I think it will wear well for casual and dress up at work.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I'd been eying the smoking loafer for quite some time but the price tag was a definite turn off. 50% off definitely makes it more palatable!

  4. I absolutely love the low sling back heel! It's such a chic, versatile shape and soooo practical, what's not to love? I've got a pair in lipstick red patent leather that I can't wait to break out. In the sales I've stocked up on more leather brogues and slippers that work now and for the Autumn to come.


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