essentials: spring travel uniform // sale PSA

at the magical Fushima Inari shrine, Kyoto // 
wearing my spring travel uniform: utility jacket layered over ryan tank and drapey hoodie (also here), black jeans, Nike frees, camera case, and Balenciaga bag.

the big friends & family / best sale ever is now on (INTHEFAMILY14)! (an excellent opportunity to get some of my favorite travel essentials for less.)

 i will do a more detailed post on Japan later, but here some of my favorites:
  • the little cafes and bars in Tokyo's Ebisu neighborhood.
  • the therapeutic onsens in Kinosaki. best water in the world, truly.
  • the sublime shrine walks in Kyoto.
  • the sakura/canal walk along Nakameguro.
we have a few more days in Tokyo before we fly back, and i'm looking forward to checking out Tokyu Hands, Itoya, Isetan, and the Margaret Howell shop (and some other fun shops!). if you have any other shopping/food tips for Tokyo, please let me know.

i'm excited to return to a real, warm spring in NYC (here's hoping...). are you wishlisting anything for the new season? let me know if you get anything from the sale!

P.S.: my favorite s/s sweatshirts now back in stock in all colors :)


  1. Exciting trip! I've wanted to go to Japan since I was a teen. Looking forward to reading your post about your travel experience.
    I've already taken advantage of the Shopbop sale to get some coveted essentials as well - a pair of J Brand denim and a gold-toned bangle. Very excited to get them!

  2. not sure if it's too late to check this spot (mainly in kyoto) for japanese beauty products: Yojiya

    seems like you're having a wonderful time! cant wait to hear more of your japan trip :)

  3. if you're going to asakusa to visit sensô-ji and you're getting hungry, owariya is my fav place for soba in that area: http://r.gnavi.co.jp/g615000/lang/en/


  4. I've never been to Japan but hopefully someday! What a perfect travel outfit. I got the Nike sneaks and love them! So comfortable. Also have Ryan tank and love, though bummed that it has to be hand washed (low patience for that being a mom of a young kid!). But seems worth it so will keep. Love the jacket but gonna stick with my lower-budget version from J. Crew for now due to other priorities -- maybe next year? How is the fit? I'm afraid of any sort of everyday wear that can't be thrown in the washer! Happy travels!


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