wardrobe planning: spring travel essentials

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my spring wardrobe planning themes of sportif/comfy/simple pretty much apply to packing for Japan. the travel m.o.: bring only tried-and-true favorites that are functional, comfortable, and stylish.

essential layers:
drapey cardigan/hoodie (more colors here) // the elegant hoodie that's super cozy for airport to hotel and everywhere in between.
oversize cashmere silk scarf // love love love how well this drapes/wraps. surprisingly cozy but still light.
favorite utility jacket // i'm so glad i bought this rag & bone jacket five years ago; it has become one of my most-worn pieces. so happy they reissued it this season!

black high rise skinny jeans // comfy enough for day-to-night.
slouchy Yohji-esque sweatpants // (i got them in S) sometimes H&M makes the best stylish basics. also, i don't believe one should spend a lot on sweatpants!

ryan tanks // these have completely replaced my worn-out and stretched-out old j.crew tanks. perfectly slouchy (i have these in the XS) and washes well (hang dry). worth stocking up in multiples!

minimalist sneakers // i always pack a pair of sneakers when i travel; these are stylish, cushiony, and will do double-duty as touristing shoes + hotel gym trainers.
dicker boots // still my favorite ankle boots.
toms slipons // the perfect easy to slip on/off chic flats.

& other accessories:
KW sunglasses //
CdG travel wallet //
trio crossbody bag //
trusty Balenciaga city bag //

to all the lovely readers who sent me Japan travel recommendations, thank you! can't wait to start exploring. i'll be updating periodically on my instagram @lesantimodernes.

what are your travel wardrobe essentials? are you planning any fun trips this year?


  1. i don't know if i have any travel wardrobe essentials, but i always pack one "nice" outfit in case i need to go somewhere fancy, and once an old WASP-y woman named Bunny (seriously) advised me that one should never travel anywhere without a bathing suit...that's a tip that i've really taken to heart, because you never know!

    have a great trip! looking forward to seeing your pics!

    1. ha, that's great advice. she seems like quite a character with lots of stories to tell :)

      i'll probably pack an LBD / nice outfit of some sort too. always good to be prepared.

  2. Great post -- I just ordered a ryan tank yesterday, can't wait to try those, glad to hear they are working well for you. I've had a lot of trouble getting the sizing right with H+M sweatpants -- I've had to return 3 different pairs already. Was hoping I'd have more luck because they are super cute and so affordable! If you have any alternate recommendations would love to know them. I admire your minimalist packing plan, no intentions of traveling soon but look forward to emulating it when I do :)

    1. hi Aurora! i found the sizing on the sweatpants in this post to be fine. the style is the right kind of slouchy and looks quite chic depending on how you wear it :)

  3. Have fun! My essentials include a big handbag, my CV foldover clutch (or a Mansur Gavriel wallet), a little jewelry, and a pair of mid-heel shoes. The rest changes depending on where I am going.
    Am heading to London this summer - can't wait! Expect to pack dresses, my Isabel Marant reversible jacket, linen blouses and silk-cuffed trousers.

  4. Those sweatpants...I might just need to try my hand at H&M. Very cool.

    1. been living in mine recently. i got them in black :) very yohji chillaxing vibe.

  5. Great post! And it basically describes my own travel essentials. I particularly love my Toms!. I'm just never sure about the Dickers (aka similar boots), because they seem soo sensitive to me and when travelling one can't really predict the weather. I might also add a pretty top or Dress for evenings out. And I almost ordered your annabel ingall bag a few days ago, but then decided against it, and now it has sold out in that dark red shade. Don't know, I'm afraid it might be a Little too small for me, although I want to try to use smaller bags when travelling. Considering this it was a Little expensive including taxes for Europe. Have a great time in Japan! xx

    1. thanks A! :) did you see my review on the AI trio bag? it fits surprisingly a good amount. might be worth keeping on your list when some of the colors get restocked!

  6. I forgot to add that it would be great to see an outfit post with the H+M sweatpants, since you say you're wearing them a lot. I always find your outfit posts so inspiring, and styling sweatpants can be a little challenging I find, so would love to see your take on this!

  7. I tend to do the same thing--one pair of black skinny jeans that I wear with different light and no-fuss tops. I'm also learning to leave my laptop at home (even though it's the small macbook air) on shorter trips like the one I'm taking to Baltimore today so that I have more time for vacation reading!

  8. lovely versatile picks! can't wait to follow along your japan adventures.

  9. Happy travelling! My recent convinced me it as time to get new sneakers - they're worn too flat and my feet need the cushioning if I am to walk all day. TOMS are great but they're not quite it when it's colder and rainier. That drapey hoodie you linked to looks awesome as well - a cardigan that isn't a pain to lug around in airports is a great travel essential. Wish I saw it before I left for Europe!

  10. That Splendid hoodie looks amazing. I have a draped lightweight cashmere cardigan from them that I think is the exact same cut (minus hood) and it is easily one of my most-worn and most-loved pieces. The Ryan tanks also look so good, they sort of remind me of my beloved T by A Wang tanks with their casual drape, but at a quarter of the price. Also turned on by the Dickers. Nothing new there, of course, but my favorite old booties are coughing a death rattle and I think I need to decide between some Dickers or some RC Mars to replace them. Thanks for making me drool over so many things!


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