wardrobe planning: spring/summer 2014

photo credit: jak & jil (can you spot Bill Cunningham?)

late spring slouching towards summer. i'm dreaming of whites and blues and sleeveless silks.

oh, and a jumpsuit.

clothing /
a crisp white blazer // because this just makes everything come together. a cotton/linen version would be so perfect.
a breezy jumpsuit // on the fence about this one. it could go so many ways, right? like The Janitor from Scrubs, or chic as all get out. hmm...
vintagey denim jacket // recently found. yes to the return of old-school denim!
sleeveless silk blouses // breezy elegance.
sleeveless cotton shirts // more breezy elegance.
chambray something //
ryan tanks // need to add a few more to my rotation.
vacation / travel / summer caftan // got mine earlier this season; when it gets hot enough i'm going to wear this in NYC and mentally transport myself to Palm Springs.
an ethereal white lacy dress // i had one in college from Express that i accidentally shrank in the wash. been searching for another one ever since...

shoes /
blush patent bow pumps // in a soft pink mood lately. the classic varas in this spring-perfect neutral.
midheel classic pumps // (TTS but runs slightly narrow) the white unicorn of my wardrobe, found. scored these during last month's fantastic Saks sale.
birkenstock slides // you guys know i've been wearing my birks way before Vogue deemed them 'cool'. always yes to ergonomic-chic summer sandals.
trina sandals // still the best.

purchased + hits /
j.crew denim jacket // (in the XS) tried this on in the store and fell in love. the sleeves are slightly cropped, the denim is denim – midweight 100% cotton, perfect medium blue wash. and enough room to layer a little underneath.
madewell black skinny jeans // wore these nonstop in Japan. very comfy and kept their shape remarkably well.
eileen fisher harem pants // been living in these lately (reviewed & styled here).

repurposed /
snip, snip. turned my old madewell denim jacket that was a wee bit tight in the sleeves into the perfect little denim vest.

spring closet cleanout /
what are you feeling for spring/summer? how do you feel about jumpsuits?


  1. Boyfriend jeans, Birkenstock Arizonas, and linen tees for mom days; slouchy/harem pants, silk tees or blouses, and silver Trinas/open-toe booties with soft jackets for work; Emerson Fry caftan and Saltwater sandals for the water park; white denim and heels for night.

  2. i love the idea of a jumpsuit but so far have been deterred by the thought of having to take everything off to go to the bathroom.
    i did just see a jumpsuit at the margiela store that is seriously making me reconsider though.

    i just ordered a pair of ancient greek sandals, clio, in black. haven't tried their shoes yet but am hopeful they work out.

    i love sleeveless silk tops too for the summer - so lightweight and cooling. would be really interested in your review if you order the everlane ones!

    1. the bathroom factor is also what's making me stay on the fence about the jumpsuit! :P is there a trick or classy workaround?

      stay tuned re the silk blouses! :)

  3. I always love these lists! I'm pregnant right now (2nd time) so on that body rollercoaster when it comes to clothes. Almost halfway through but already needing maternity clothes, unlike last time! I'm totally feeling the comment above about BF jeans with drapey tees (the everlane U-neck is my fave right now!) and birks for mom days. I just got my first pair of Worishofers - which I got because of this blog - and LOVE them. Amazing comfort and style at a good sandal price. Wearing those with sundresses and maxi skirts with tees on days when I want to feel more dressed up. Denim jacket/leather jacket/army jacket on rotation when I need an extra layer.

  4. A good jumpsuit is a wonderful thing. A bad jumpsuit is worse than most things. (I don't much like the one in the link. It looks weirdly fitting and awkward on the model, on whom it was presumably styled and pinned. I don't give much for its chances of being non-awkward in actual real-world conditions.)

    I've worn jumpsuits, they're no big deal in the bathroom. YOU SHOW YOUR BRA! TO THE EMPTY STALL! THE HORROR! As long as it doesn't have any weird kind of fastening arrangement, you gather it up like a combination of pants and a full skirt, and do your thing with it ruched on your knees. And then put it back on, preferably without dropping it on the floor. But if you've ever pulled up a pair of loose trousers in a similar sitch without dropping them on the floor you're fine.

  5. I'm liking your list, it isn't trendy but merely an update on all the pieces you should have in your wardrobe. As for the jumpsuit, I love a good short overall type - they're fun for summer (although you have to be careful with print, I had one that looked like silk pjs!!) x

  6. Great list and few I recognise from my own! I was on the look out for tops that could be shirt or blouse style and found a couple to perfectly slot in my needs: a plain mid blue chambray tee shirt shape, an ivory cap sleeve and a white linen kimono sleeve plus a few more slouchy rayon tees. These wil go with my skirts, bf jeans, tailored pants as required. A white lace dress has been on my list for years but I never found the right one so maybe I just need to stick with a favourite in plain white linen that never fails me every year. My most exciting find is a pair of cotton capris with a lovely sarong style print I can't wait to wear! I already bought K Jacques sandals in the January sales and recently added a heeled black pair by Sam Edelman I'm in love with so that completes my shopping list.
    I just ordered a black jumpsuit after thinking they'd go away by now but they still look good so I'm just too curious to know if they'd ever work on me :-)

  7. White is a little stark for me, but I want a light blazer and just ordered this one. It's got great reviews and the Tiramisu color is more my speed. http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/vince-camuto-stretch-cotton-single-button-blazer/3622490?origin=stylenumsearch

    You got me hooked on the Trina sandals last year. I have two pairs and am thinking of adding another black pair.

    I want the new denim dress that Everlane is releasing later this month. It looks perfect.

    What else? A pair of Shoes Like Pottery sneakers. A pair of black ballet flats (I found a pair of Frye ones that fit wonderfully). I want to say a good utility jacket, but the reality is that it's getting hot where I live very quickly and when the temps hover around 95 I just stop caring about fashion and jackets are repugnant. Ha.

    I enjoy your blog--thank you!

  8. I just tried on a jumpsuit at Zara that seemed so promising online....and my reaction was blergh! I do love my Steven Alan off-white overalls, but I've yet to find a jumpsuit that works well. I haven't given up yet, though.

  9. I have a great black linen romper from Old Navy, of all places. It had cuffs that I let down to increase the length. I'll be wearing it non-stop once it's warm enough.

  10. A light blazer, black linen shorts, Birkenstocks - I think that will be my basic uniform this summer. Jumpsuits are fun but I prefer separates, easier to get in and out of when nature calls.


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