sale PSA // gamine + city essentials

via Bike Pretty

there's a pretty great selection – including summery jumpsuits, classic CV bags,
 dresses and jackets. happy shopping and let me know if you get anything :)

P.S.: new in the shop, boyy, and more >>


  1. Yay! I pretty much do all my heavy Steven Alan shopping during the two yearly sample sales. Sigh... My wallet isn't happy, but at least I get early access so I can have first pick of things (well, until they mysteriously disappear from my shopping cart due to other eager early birds ;) I picked up the off-white boyfriend blazer, an Edith Miller dress, Demylee Kate shirt, SA boyfriend shirt, and SA Thalia Glen Plaid dress. Looks like a lot of things are sold out in my size now. Hope you find something good!

    1. very smart, Tammy :) i'm glad the SA sale is now online. much more pleasant than long lines and crowds...

  2. HA!! you crack me up PPP - downsizing my bag collection (more on that later) but i still think the PS1 is a wonderful design :)

  3. I got a couple of Malou shirts yesterday now sold out. I was debating getting the silk boyfriend shirts but I opted to stick with the button down silkd I have from Everlane. I am going to call tomorrow to get a winona linen dress in black if found in a store.

  4. I couldn't resist, I bought a Tsuyumi hat. I checked with them on sizing last spring, so I'm hoping the medium will work. I also bought a couple of SA shirts for the husband, even though what I really wanted were tops for myself!


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