wardrobe planning: fall 2014

photo: la modella mafia

the September issue this year: add key/special pieces to amplify and complement wardrobe foundations.

[1] a tailored topcoat // i've long admired the sleek, clean lines of this gentleman's classic. such a perfect gentlewomanly adaptation!
[2] long olive parka (see other options here) // the affordable everyday hero piece of the season. i need something warmer than my unlined utility jacket but not as heavy as my winter parka; this is just the ticket.
[3] a cozy cardigan/wrap // i've never thought of myself as a 'poncho' person per se, but this wrap looks so perfect for layering, and lazy weekends...

[4] leather-look leggings // so comfy for everyday and travel, and as stylish holiday feasting pants!
[5] black slouch trousers // experimenting with a slightly different trouser silhouette this season.

[6] a standout f/w dressy/dress // a friend's upcoming fall wedding has me completely crushing over this gorgeous printed tunic-y option by Marni. i'd been rotating between a few dresses for special occasions, so it feels like it's time for an update. such an unusual shape and so many styling possibilties!

[7] grey chunky-knit sweater // it's not fall without a properly cozy sweater. off-duty comfort.

[8] short-sleeve sweatshirts // ideal for transitional layering.

thoughts on this season:
  • style inspirations this season: Emmanuelle Alt, Liu Wen, Clémence Poésy.
  • main objective for fall: add some essential neutral pieces with one or two colorful special finds.
  • raw denim project: still ongoing after a mini hiatus during the summer. stay tuned for a new update soon.
what are you feeling for fall? what's on your list?


  1. Alas, I live in a tropical country, so as much as I would love to have a fall wardrobe, I don't.

    I can, however, speak to how great the short-sleeved sweater from Everlane is. I love the cut of it, and the weight of it as well. It's light enough to still be comfortable for wear where I live, but not thick enough to be a proper sweater (if the sleeves were long, that is).

    1. but *THICK* enough is what I meant to say.

    2. that's excellent - it's such a versatile year-round piece :)

  2. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the APC trousers. The short-sleeve sweatshirts would be great for layering, and I'm a huge fan of a poncho wrap for weekends and lazy office days.

    1. hi erica - planning on stopping by the shop soon...will report back for sure!

  3. I always look forward to your wardrobe planning posts! I love this season's picks :)

    Taste and Tact

  4. I am living in my Black Crane painter dresses - a new discovery. The cotton flannel is a perfect complement to the sunny, breezy weather we have been experiencing.
    Also rediscovering my glass and silver jewelry, picked up three years ago in Rajasthan - works perfectly with the plain Japanese aesthetic of these dresses.
    That Emerson Fry coat is so Celine, btw - perfect with a pair of brogues.

    1. ah, yes!! i've been wishlisting a slim topcoat for years. and i love the backstory of your jewelry.

  5. What a surprise to see that the parka is an H&M item! Have to go check it out in person very soon, it looks like it could really be the find of the season! And Black Crane just kills it. Love their stuff.

  6. Great list, as always! Ditto on the topcoat and utility jacket. I'm also keeping an eye out for a great quality cashmere sweater I can throw on over jeans, slacks, on a plane, on a train, etc. I'm curious how your Everlane cashmere is holding up? We just had our indian summer here in SF, which I'm not complaining about, so it's kind of mind-blowing that it's already fall for everyone else!

    1. hey Tammy - my EL cashmere is great. still soft and thick and super warm. can't wait till it's cold enough to bring them out :)

  7. I LOVE the Marni tunic dress that you are scoping. On the daily, I steer clear of prints and short skirts/dresses. A special occasion, like a wedding is a great excuse to buy something unexpected.

  8. i have a pair of coated jeans and just turn them inside out in the cold cycle, no issues!


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