inspiration: Kate Young

photo credit: Jed Root
"The most important thing to me is that people feel really good. And there are definitely times where I say, 'I think you need to push your comfort zone here. I know this doesn’t feel right, but I feel very strongly about it, and I think you’ll be happy with how you look and with the picture.' But I really want their clothes to be representative of who they are. My clients don’t look alike, for the most part. I don’t come in and make them look a certain way. That doesn’t really interest me. I really want it to be the best, most flattering, most clean and chic version of them."
–Kate Young, interviewed by The Cut

in this age of cookie cutter Celebrity Fashion, i really love her considered, rigorous approach to style and styling. and yes to Hillary Clinton rocking a jumpsuit. read the rest of the interview here.

what's inspiring you lately?


  1. I absolutely LOVE her take on Kim Kardashian! Wouldn't it be great if women could ALL be appreciated no matter what their figures looked like?
    I'm always inspired by Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton for their sense of the artistic in dress. And no one can rock "no makeup" better than Tilda! Can't wait for her NARS ads.


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