wardrobe planning: spring/summer 2015

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maybe it's because we've had to endure eons of winter this year, but i'm really excited for spring and summerish wardrobe planning. it doesn't hurt that there are some real gems out there this season!

on the list:
the minimal sandal heels // affordable, flattering, all-purpose.
elegant cotton t-shirts // love a great t-shirt, in all its variations.
a colorful silk maxi dress (love this too) // on sale, and perfect for a friend's summer wedding. (is it just me, or is a reasonably priced silk dress the white unicorn of shopping these days?)
white jeans // also on sale, and these from the IDLF collection look like a great seasonless style.
a pair of not-too-high sandal wedges* // perennially wishlisted, i'm thinking these '70s old-school originals are the best option.

medium taupe work satchel // scored this on major sale, and this is a fantastic find if you're looking for a structured-but-not-stiff work bag.
the fitted breton shirt // love this shirt but the CdG version runs super small (i had to get an M - go up a size for sure!)
dusty rose silky cashmere scarf // light and luxe and the loveliest muted rose hue.

silky print wide leg trousers // more elegant alternative to denim shorts?
a summery jumpsuit // didn't find one i liked last year, but i think i might be ready to go for it once it hits 80...

recent favorites on repeat:
trusty a.p.c. trench // navy cardigan // leather slip-ons (on sale!) // infinity scarf //

Misty Copeland and her stunning dancer on/off duty style.
mood colors: tropical prints, variations of pink, ivory, grays.

P.S.: the spring closet edit continues at the shop >>

what are you living in lately? how is your wardrobe planning coming along?


  1. I've been looking at playsuits and jumpsuits a lot too for Spring/Summer but haven't seen one I like either. It's a toughie as you want it to look sleek and playful but not too young!

    As for me, I've been living in black skinny jeans lately, the weather in Sydney has been horrendous!

  2. While the purchase isn't just for spring, I recently bought a replacement everyday bag. I had been on the lookout for the last two years, refining exactly what I needed in a bag and researching contenders. I finally found everything I wanted in the Loewe puzzle bag. Oh the contentment from finding just the right object.

  3. Lately I've been trying to think more consciously about making my wardrobe work for me and not the other way around, which hopefully will end up with distilling my closet into a seasonal capsule wardrobe. But for now, I've realized that thanks to climate and my lifestyle, I pretty much wear the same thing year round. I'd like to add a piece or two like white jeans (if I can ever find the right pair), sandal clogs, a boyfriend blazer to replace an old, pilling one, and a warm weather hat. Then work those items into what I already have!

  4. After missing it for way too long, I reinstated a grey hoodie, and as I feared, I'm wearing it pretty much every single day. I also just purchased a star-studded minimal wallet, somewhat of an impulse, but I figured a wallet cannot be any more cheerful than this.

  5. I've also been hunting for a play suit. Why are they so difficult to find? I think I'm going to go for a lovely black jersey version from H&M because it's perfectly minimalist and not too short / tight / bright. I'm also planning to add a denim vest and a tropical print midi skirt to my rotation. Right now I've got JBrand skinnies, a slouchy white tee and a khaki anorak on constant roto. Just added a black leather everyday tote.

  6. Thanks for linking to that profoundly moving piece from The New Yorker profiling Misty Copeland and the talented black women of classical ballet that we get to see all too little of. She's a talent, among other up and comers. Let's hope they get a fair shot at principal!
    I've been living in my thermal oversized tops from Splendid and Free People with J Crew leggings as I'm undertaking the task of purging my closets this week. What a chore! It's hard to think much about what I want to buy when I'm feeling a little gluttonous at the moment. But, I can already tell that there are a few pieces missing from my lineup: A black Skargorn tee, black wedge sandals, and a white popover (Ordered from GAP, but now I see one I like better...ALWAYS!)


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