sale PSA: new year, new shoes

getting through the first few weeks of the new year is always kind of a drag, but that's what the January sales are for. for all you Dieppa fans out there, a ton of beautiful and colorful DR shoes in every style just landed at 50% off.

my picks are these pretty rose gold loafers, these classic gentlewoman's oxfords, and the perfect-with-jeans-or-a-dress beige calis. i also love these Alexander Wang brogues – his shoes always seem quite sturdy and well made.

happy shopping! let me know if you find a pair of new year shoes ;)


  1. Thank you for this!! The Outnet didn't have any Cali Oxfords in my size, but somehow this started me on a hunt and I found a deeply discounted pair of Whiskey Calis at Totokaelo. Now to wait for them to arrive... :-) ~Lindsey

  2. Love the DR's but I never seem to find them in my size, which is 10.5 or 11...maybe they don't make them for big feet? :-(


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