wardrobe planning: winter 2016

a new year
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January is always kind of a mixed bag.

the first week or two always feels like a bit of a letdown after all the holiday festivities of the prior month and a half. at the same time, we're bombarded with all the media hype of resolutions, new year projects, goals. meanwhile, this is also when the weather legitimately starts getting cold – by which i mean curling-up-by-the-fireplace-in-pajamas, hibernation cold. it's a funny state of affairs for wardrobe planning indeed.

even so, January is still my favorite 'serious' fashion season of the year – it's the best time to do cold-weather wardrobe planning with a few fancier (and usually on major sale) f/w wishlist items in mind. wardrobe planning this winter will focus on some 'unsung staples' and a few 'maybe' wishlist items that i'll be scoping on sale (more on that in the next post).

on the list:
a few silk LBDs // excellent time to mine the COS sale for these trusty staples.
a chunky wool cardigan coat // love me a cozy long oversized cardigan. ideal for throwing on for quick errands, puttering around the house, etc.
black patent loafers // equal parts Emmanuelle Alt and MJ cool.
tomboy jeans // after retiring one of my old go-to skinnies recently, i'm in need of a replacement pair. these (on sale here and here) fit the bill perfectly.
oversized cashmere stole // i like to keep a few oversized cozy stole/shawls on rotation for winter as i reach for some kind of wrap-like scarf every day.

lounge / home / beauty
cute pajamas (also love these cozy pjs for wintry evenings) // for some reason i've gone for years without proper pajamas. no need to get spendy on these, but i appreciate a properly cute set. or three.
cozy house slippers // one of those unsung essentials.
essential makeup brush kit // one of my new years resolutions is to learn how to do some basic makeup. nothing like a quality brush kit to get started!
neutrals eyeshadow palette // everyone raves about these Urban Decay palettes. i love the idea of an all-in-one assortment of shades.
diptyque candles // every winter these are my guilty pleasure. once the candle is all gone, wash out the jar and you have a lovely vessel with which to repurpose.
diptyque parfum sampler // as someone who can't commit to any single fragrance, i love collecting smaller testers and minis. these are the perfect assortment of portables.

fall wp faves:
PS1 burgundy bag // purchased this past fall and it's a great buy. second time's the charm on this handy satchel.
uniqlo light vest // reached for this in some fashion every week. super practical and layers supremely well.

brain pickings – a daily digest of intellectual inspiration.
marie kondo – finally on my reading + project list. can't wait to dive in.

how was your holiday break? what are you wishlisting this winter?


  1. Loving those tomboy jeans. I'm still wearing my ancient current Elliott boyfriends, but it would be nice to have something a bit more fitted.

    January is a tough month. I mostly wear my Madewell high risers with a Muji turtleneck at home. I stocked up on two work dresses at COS. I bought so many new things this fall, I think I need to reassess!

    Love brain pickings. It's my first read in the morning. I've even bought and read a few of the books Maria writes about, and they're well worth the full read!

    1. erica- i have a few pairs of ancient C/E jeans too. still some of my favorites!

      i'm eager to build out my 2016 reading list with Maria's recs :)

  2. Marie Kondos book is good ... I liked it but it wasn't new for me at least. I'm already minimalist but am trying LUXE minimalism this year

  3. Current/Elliott slouchy stilettos are my go-to tomboys. I'm on the hunt for a pair of high waist, cropped straight jeans to pair with ankle boots and turtlenecks in the winter and gauzy tops and wedges in the summer--my only takeaway from this latest 70s revival. Best purchases of the fall were an olive green Uniqlo Lemaire cashmere cape and a cheery red plaid Woolrich coat, which took me through my road trip of Cali's central coast this winter break. Travel prevented me from spending too much time reading but I did revisit some old classics on tape, like Brahm Stoker's Dracula, read by Alan Cumming and Tim Curry. Great fun.

    1. um, Dracula read by AC and TC sounds delightful. just added it to my audible list!

      sad that i missed the Uniqlo Lemaire cape - ah well. hopefully they'll do another collab :)

  4. Happy new year! I'm happy to see that you're back to blogging :) I always think this is the cruelest time of year-- if the months leading up to New Years are jingle bells and carols, January is the sound of a lone, sad party horn. The excesses of the season are starkly apparent in our waistlines and wallets, and sheepishly admitted by the very same magazines, blogs, and stores that tempted us in the first place. Well, I hope that wasn't too depressing. ;) On to fashion! I'm actually looking for the perfect chic, black turtleneck. Not too thin, not too thick, and above all warm. I'm tempted by Everlane's new cashmere version, but I think I maybe have --gasp!-- too much cashmere. I got a promotion before the holidays and am wondering if it's time to treat myself to real grown up handbag. Decisions, decisions.

    1. happy new year Tammy! yes as usual it was a hectic holiday season but am getting back into regularly scheduled programming :)

      congrats on the promotion! what are the 'grown up handbag' contenders?

  5. aw thanks P! :) excited to dip a toe in the beauty sphere!

  6. Thank you for the Brain Pickings rec, I lost myself in there for...quite a bit of time. I loved listening to Patti Smith read from M Train - I liked the writing in Just Kids better but M Train hit me harder in the heart, and got me started on keeping a journal again. The other book I loved loved loved during my annual holiday reading binge was Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life by William Finnegan. I devoured it like a hungry animal from page 1. Beautifully observed and written, passionate but clear-eyed. It's the kind of thing that made me want to be a journalist.

    Fashion-wise, January is always shoe month, I've noticed, because I like to look for shoes during the sales (always a good chance to pick out a quality classic at reduced prices) and also because Chinese New Year makes me want new shoes. I bought a pair of fresh white Jack Purcells and can't wait to break them out!

    Happy new year!

    1. happy new year, lin! :D you're so right about the new year/new shoes thing. i'm adding the Finnegan book to my reading list -though i've never been surfing!

    2. I read Barbarian Days this summer and loved it (and I do not surf!) About the same time I read H is for Hawk - completely different book but equally mesmerizing.

  7. Yes, January is get back to reality month and it's bleak after the emotional and sugar rush of December and we don't even have Thanksgiving or Halloween this side of the Atlantic! Haha!

    My slouchy skinnier boyfriend jeans (does that make sense?) from Isabel Marant Etoile are a staple for me and just found a cropped cigarette cut jeans from Zara which also get a lot of use. They look so great with boots, loafers. I wouldn't mind adding an Acne knit or Canada scarf and my unsung essential: cashmere socks.

    1. ooh i think i know which jeans you're talking about. everyone raves about cashmere socks - i think i'll need to get some this winter :)


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