stylehacker: summer classics (on sale)

this year's early summer sales have been slow to inspire me, but i've found some favorites this week. topping off the list is the hawaiian print summer dress from my wardrobe planning post (thanks to a dear reader for the tip!). 

1. park and picnic and brunch and vacation in the hawaiian summer dress
2. city-to-beach in the saint tropez sandals
3. uptown museum to downtown gallery with the art-print PS1 satchel
4. so very Jane Birkin in the classic denim high-waist shorts 
5. summer stripeology 101 with the breezy breton pullover
6. needs no introduction – my favorite skinny slouchy jeans in the perfect lighter wash
7. summer nights and getaway weekends in the luxe silk pjs

P.S.: big sale going on over at Barneys right now too.
P.P.S: my favorite dandy flats on major sale!

what do you think? have you discovered any sale finds lately?


  1. My latest sale find were these lovely Loeffler Randall Selma Plank sandals in camel/silver. The leather is so buttery and they were comfortable right out of the box.

  2. No sale shopping for me this summer - instead, I plan to get at least one more ikat dress made by White Champa.

  3. So it's the beginning of sales season! When I was in LA last week I found a khaki green jacket at a Barney's co-op store, and I happened to get 60% off the purchase, I didn't even know it was on sale. (Like, in France, you have the sale price written on each item, whereas in this shop, you just had a sale corner but each item displayed the regular price, if it makes any sense)

    Anyway thanks for all the links, might help planning summer sales if I need to buy anything :)

  4. My resolve failed when I discovered I could order from the foreign NAP sites. Hopefully they ship without issue but I got the Isabel Marant Jenny boots in gray suede and Etoile Ariana jacket. Two great staples that of course it's too hot for now but will get some serious mileage in the fall. Also ordered a more summery Etoile skirt but it's going back. For some reason I mostly dress in all cheap stuff for summer (hello Everlane tees, Uniqlo tops & dresses, Saltwaters and Sam Edelman sandals) and then I like to transition to much nicer stuff for fall. After these 2 purchases I think I need to place myself on a ban for the rest of the summer!


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