foundations: chic + inexpensive sandals under $100

a reader got in touch recently and asked for summer shoe recommendations. so here's the thing: despite what the magazines will tell you, there are really only a handful of tried-and-true styles that endure season after season.

these are my top picks for the most comfortable chic summer sandals on a budget.

1. the Celine-esque sandals // i have them in 3 colors. they're that good.
2. the elegant flip-flops // if you're going to wear a flip-flop, might as well be sleek leather that goes well with a pedicure. mine from two summers ago are still going strong.
3. the nostalgic childhood fave // walkable for miles, and indestructible in sand and water.
4. the ergonomic-chic slides // these are slightly over $100 but honestly, the arch/footbed/support is worth it. birks are the new black.
5. the quirky old-school imports // lightweight, very travel-friendly, and quite feminine with jeans or dresses.

do you have a favorite budget summer sandal? happy Memorial Day weekend – are you doing anything fun?


  1. hi! just wanted to let you know, your birks link leads back to blogger.com.

  2. ooo thanks so much. you're the best.

  3. Such a perfectly-timed post, thanks! Have several pairs of birks in what I think is called the gizeh style, in silver and black, love them. Just bought a pair of Worishofers and adore them BUT after wearing them for only a few hours the cork sole started to split right below where the heel strap is affixed. I was SO disappointed because I adore these sandals, they are both comfy and stylish. I think I am going to keep them and take them to a shoe repair place and see if they can't just stick some glue in there to keep them together because 1.) they are perfect in every other way, 2.) I can't deal with the hassle of more returns (this has been a spring filled with returns!), and 3.) for the price -- and even not for the price (!) -- they are the best thing out there for somewhat dressier but still comfy, mom-friendly sandal as far as I can tell. But it is disappointing -- while they were decently priced they were still $70 some odd bucks or so and I feel they should not be splitting! Have your Worishofers held up well and if so for how long? Have you needed to replace them at a point and if so when? I got these on Amazon because Zappos was all sold out in my size and I am actually wondering if maybe they are knockoffs or something....thoughts?

    1. oh man - i hope you can get a refund from amazon. i don't usually buy shoes there because i think their stock can be mixed. my worishofers have held up for several summers of wear at this point. i do rotate them with other sandals but no quality issues!

  4. I've been contemplating a pair of Birkenstocks in the Madrid (single-strap) style. The narrow width makes them (seem?) a bit sleeker, but they've still got the great arch support.

  5. I recently picked up a pair of delicate gold leather sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals - beautifully-crafted. Other than that I am living in my Melissinos sandals from Athens and my whiskey Trinas.

  6. love those everlane sandals! they remind me a lot of a pair i have by laurence dolige, which i bought for a great price on sale. i love ariana bohling sandals for summer--the riki is probably my favorite. such a soft footbed. huge fan or worishofers, but i do think the work sole is wishy washy, and if you like to wear something into the ground (as i do), they will fall apart sooner rather than later. to your point, i do think the trick is to rotate those with other sandals.

  7. ugh, can i just say that i LOVE that outfit that kiki is wearing? i wish i had jeans like that. :)


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