sale PSA: everything luxe

photo: Tamu McPherson

a short and sweet sale PSA for your post-long weekend week...
as far as site-wide sales go, i find this one to be particularly good for a big-time wishlist piece (ie: a great leather jacket, a luxe coat, the dreamy Bianca Jagger jacket), or a special wardrobe item (a versatile and incredibly chic dress).

are you wishlisting anything? let me know if you find any gems!


inspiration + favorites: May

as fleeting as peony season

as usual, spring has been fleeting and fickle, and Memorial Day is already upon us. in the mood for a relaxed silhouette and prints galore.


wardrobe planning: spring/summer 2015

mood + space inspiration via tumblr

maybe it's because we've had to endure eons of winter this year, but i'm really excited for spring and summerish wardrobe planning. it doesn't hurt that there are some real gems out there this season!


sale PSA: delicate baubles + limited editions

a short and sweet sale PSA for your Wednesday: 
huge site-wide 50% off sale at Of a Kind, my favorite one-stop shop for limited edition creations and delicate jewelry. 

happy shopping! let me know if you find any gems x


foundations: stylish work bags under $500

fact: whether you're starting your first job or just got a third promotion, a stylish yet functional work bag (that won't interfere with your 401k) is one of the most essential wardrobe foundations. 


the packing list | Joan Didion

note to self: before packing for a trip, ask the all-important question: "what would Joan do?"


sale PSA: Saint Laurent

a short and sweet PSA for all of you looking to splurge a bit less 
on the two best bags in the Saint Laurent lineup – the Duffle or Sac de Jour

the nano is also a fun and luxe mini bag for the season :)


foundations: the breton shirt guide

my essentials: favorite stripes and a great work satchel

it's no secret that stripes are a staple in my closet year-round. but now that every brand has jumped on the breton bandwagon, which ones are worth buying?


wardrobe planning: spring 2015 [update]

new in: the Clare V x Other Stories bucket bag – my favorite piece from the capsule.

it is finally, finally starting to feel a little bit like spring here.


review: the American-crafted classic man bag

after a number of years of searching high and low, i got my boyfriend the J.W. Hulme brief bag for Christmas. he has now been using it regularly for over a year, so i thought i would give this bag a proper review.


TGIF // 3.6

"Sometimes, people think aesthetics are superficial. But I think they can be deep. I love the atmosphere and the visuals. So, I do what I love. Some people connect with it, and others don’t. It reminds me of something Anjelica told me in my 20s: 'Not everyone is going to like you.' It saved me years of disappointment."
–Sofia Coppola, in conversation with Anjelica Huston and Philip Galanes
(read the rest of the interview here)


PSA: the everything sale

as if on cue to save us from this never-ending onslaught of Wintry Mix, 

(P.S.: more of my faves - the everyday delicate gold necklacethe day-to-night leopard clutch, and the chic convertible work/weekend tote.)

what's on your wishlist? happy shopping x


#askLAM: rad statement necklaces?

last month, reader Allison asked for my recommendations for a fun and versatile statement necklace.


wardrobe planning: winter/spring 2015

wardrobe planning this season is about buying for the long term, clean lines, and a nuanced approach to color and texture.


in the kitchen x Natasha: tarte aux mendiants

recipe by Natasha Pickowicz | photos and styling by Maggie Prendergast

i know we're all conditioned to think of overpriced jewelry and boxed chocolates when Valentine's Day rolls around, but this year, i've teamed up again with the immensely talented Natasha to bring you a splendid recipe for the holiday. it's French, it's chocolate, it's made with love!

read on for Natasha's inspired take on the French classic, tarte aux mendiants.


year in review: 2014 favorites

via tumblr

i had intended to put this together before Christmas, but holiday and travel plans got in the way. 2014 in the sartorial department was a good year marked by solid finds and minimal wardrobe waste.


inspiration: Vera on Vera

"Getting dressed is a whole thing for me. My closet is organized by tops, pants, and outerwear, but not a lot of dresses. Like most designers, I have a uniform, and mine is a legging. And if it's not a legging, it's a pant that's like a legging. They could be from Balenciaga or Givenchy, or from Danskin or my Kohl's line. Then I throw on a T-shirt. After that I'm a complete outerwear freak. I work very hard to look casual. It's deliberate to look like you didn't try too hard, as my old boss Ralph Lauren would say."
–Vera Wang on her style uniform


essentials: snow day edition

// winter is coming is here

i'm currently living in a pretty basic loungey uniform consisting of splendid leggings (i have them in the XS; the foldover detail is pretty genius), seamless camisole, everlane cardigan, giant Acne scarf, and short black Uggs.

we just got a bunch of water and storm supplies ready for the snowpocalypse. i'm hoping the power doesn't cut out, and will be looking forward to watching the snowfall from our windows, lighting a Diptyque candle or two, and catching up on some movies. as this blizzard makes its way along the East Coast, i hope you all stay safe and warm and get to enjoy a day or two of cozy hibernation at home!

are you home today for this massive storm? what is your favorite cozy winter pastime?


style notes: buying for keeps

via tumblr

is it just me, or is this so common that it's becoming a cliché? [insert designer name here] builds loyalty and acclaim around gorgeous, great pieces, customers flock to the brand, brand buzz builds to the point of hype, prices increase, and...quality decreases.


in the kitchen: winter hot pot + sukiyaki

the kaiseki dinner presentation when we stayed at a ryokan in Japan last year

i consider November through March to be prime cozy eating season.