essentials: early fall uniform

hello, September //

feeling ready for fall with my trusty everlane swing trench (in XS), favorite r&b black skinnies, and varas. the sleeves on the jacket are a little long on me, but i'll be cuffing them up while it's not too chilly. i like the midweight, slightly sculptural quality of the treated cotton, and the silhouette makes me feel just a little like Anna Karina...

what are your early fall favorites right now? 


foundations: chic handbags under $500

shopping for luxury style at contemporary prices has never been easier.


sale PSA // classic wardrobe staples

a short and sweet sale PSA for your Monday // 
happy shopping! are you wishlisting anything?


essentials: yoga

part three in my yoga mini-series. after 8 months of regular use, these are my yoga essentials.


TGIF // 8.15

Friday uniform // dog days of summer edition: denim cutoffs, white tee, simple gold jewelry. swap out those heels for some easy leather flip flops.

this summer has flown by. i'm looking forward to the farmer's market, reading in the park, and checking out the first trickle of the fall collections in the shops.

P.S.: i just finished catching up to the latest season of Game of Thrones (new favorite show!). check out this rad interview with actresses Maisie Williams and Natalie Dormer at the aptly titled "Women Who Kick Ass" Comic-Con panel.

what are you doing this weekend?


Q+A: Patrice // marketing manager

photo credit: The Everygirl

i've always been fascinated by the stories behind women and their style, so when i met the gorgeous and accomplished Patrice for coffee, i knew i wanted to share our conversation. here's to celebrating smart and stylish women, and beauty on our own terms.

read on for the interview!


foundations: building a fine jewelry collection

source: The Sartorialist

i think the best kind of jewelry is the kind that you never take off.


inspiration: an afternoon at the Argosy

the analog nook // the Argosy Bookshop
"Bookshops have an almost universal appeal. What constitutes this appeal is hard to pin down. When you enter an art gallery or an antique shop, you see what you hope will surprise and delight you, but a bookstore does not show what it is selling. The books are like closed clamshells. It is from the collective impression, from the sight of many books wedged together on many shelves, that the mysterious good feeling comes."
–"The Book Refuge", by Janet Malcolm

recently, i read Janet Malcolm's fascinating New Yorker piece on the history and family behind the famed Argosy Bookshop, and it's too good not to share. a wonderful bookstore is like a secret door to a Dickensian world. it's a reminder of the importance of switching gears, slowing down, rediscovering one's senses, and the joys of real tactility.

is there a special place/space where you go for inspiration? what are you currently reading?



wardrobe planning: chic summer basics under $100


a good basic is hard to find. the great ones are simple, but stand on their own. my style shorthand for July are favorites that make getting dressed as easy as 1-2-3.


sale PSA // gamine + city essentials

via Bike Pretty

there's a pretty great selection – including summery jumpsuits, classic CV bags,
 dresses and jackets. happy shopping and let me know if you get anything :)

P.S.: new in the shop, boyy, and more >>


Q+A: Peiling // yoga teacher

i started doing yoga in January. more than just a successful new year's resolution, it is quite possibly one of the best things i have ever done for myself – physically and mentally. so i was thrilled when the lovely and inspiring Peiling agreed to have a conversation about yoga, her journey to becoming a teacher, and the best things about summer in NYC.

read on for the interview!


epiphanies: on starting yoga

first in a new series on epiphanies.

for me, practicing yoga is one of the best things i have ever done for myself. a half year on, yoga has become an essential part of my daily routine.


in the kitchen: minimalist summer cooking

one of my favorite simple meals ever – in Tuscany.

continuing with the theme of summer simplification, i wanted to share this brilliant list of 101 easy recipes by Mark Bittman. it was published back in 2007 in Bittman's now-retired The Minimalist column, but if recipes can be timeless, these are it.


essentials: the best summer / travel bags

the effortlessly lovely Liu Wen

every summer, a kind of seasonal minimalism takes over. hot weather has a funny way of inspiring simplification, and i find myself liking everything lighter and unfettered this time of year.


the find // summer sale gems

summer uniform: a jumpsuit and a cognac clutch – via tumblr

this weekend was awash in World Cup fever and glorious summer weather. all i want to do is slouch around in flat sandals and breezy linen, cotton, and silk from now until labor day weekend.

almost 4th of July also means the best summer sales are here! my picks below– [updated 7/1]


review: Vince d'orsay flats

new in: half and half

i was pretty thrilled to scoop up these Vince d'orsay flats on sale.


foundations: summer uniform

current favorites on repeat: sleeveless poplin (in S) // old c/e jeans (similar) // zara ballet flats (similar) // Givenchy antigona duffel (also here)

the Givenchy duffel is the embodiment of practical luxury.


wardrobe planning: the everyday + travel duffel

on my wishlist for some time now: a structured duffel that's put-together enough for a work meeting, roomy enough for everyday, and tough enough for travel.

finally: the perfect all-purpose duffel bag, found.